Xmas 2014 gifts for libcommers?

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Dec 24 2014 20:37

I've never understood all this beer snootery. It takes all different forms and it's all bullshit to me. I used to frequent a pub that made a big thing out of real ale. Why the fuck anyone would want to drink something that looks like muddy water with bits of hay floating around in it when they could have a nice cold clear fizzy lager is quite beyond me. How strong is it, does it quench your thirst and how much can you get down your neck were always my criteria when choosing a drink. Eventually though, I found Tenants Super to be the most appropriate drink be it for breakfast lunch or dinner. That said, when on a health kick I found half a dozen cans of Mackeson made an excellent vitamin rich tonic!
I once knew a guy that was known as 'The Drain'. He drank only Newcastle Brown which I think comes in three quarter pint bottles, and each session in the pub would see him polish off between 1 and 2 crates of the stuff. It's not very strong but we are talking him drinking up to 48 bottles of it in 4 or 5 hours. Each bottle was downed in 1 or 2 swallows. It was amazing! He was a big guy and broke the pub toilet on several occasions! He was dead before his 43rd birthday.