What famous communists or anarchists have you met?

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Dec 6 2009 12:40

Veering further still off-topic, but I quite enjoyed This from related videos.

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Dec 6 2009 14:00

and veering further off topic, the famous Five Star clip

Kaze no Kae
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Dec 24 2009 22:50

lol @ Sid Vicious = "anarchist"

I've met Tony Benn & Alec McFadden a couple of times (social democrats rather than revolutionaries though I guess)... other than that, I know people who are fairly high profile as revolutionaries in my local area (by which I mean north-west England, not just Manchester) but who I wouldn't call "famous" as such - I imagine that's true for most of us

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Dec 21 2009 16:32

Robbie Coltrane he was a tosser. Galloway, well I didnt actually say anything to him.

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Dec 26 2009 18:54

I met most of the anarchists associated with the Libertarian Book Club in New York in in the 1970s, including the Dolgoffs, Abe Blustein, Mel Most, all of them I count as comrades. I met Augustin Souchy in 1976 during his fund raising tour through North America for the CNT. Earlier I met Paul Goodman just 2 years before his death. Also Judith Malina and Julian Beck and other members of the Living Theater such as Steve Ben Israel and Bill Sharry. More recently I met Sherman Austin (imprisoned under the USA PATRIOT Act) .

I liked them all, and the people I knew well, such as Sam and Esther Dolgoff were really warm and generous.

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Dec 26 2009 22:56

I've met everyone's favourite UK Jewish trotskyist hip-hop act.

Caiman del Barrio
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Dec 26 2009 23:57

Me and Jack once went to an allday workshop with him. I dunno why, I can only assume it's cos he wants to torture me.

I also know the spokesperson for Autonomy, I think he wants to be my friend too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F_WAGWauQmo