Anarchists who became Marxists

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Grossman-Roshchin’s 1919 article The October Revolution and the Tactics of the Anarcho-Syndicalists was recently reprinted in the anthology Anarchism: Pro and Contra, ed. P. I. Talerova, (SPb: RKhGA, 2015), pp. 592-603. This is an extended defense of “Soviet anarchism” under the prevailing conditions of War Communism. The same collection includes a reply to G-R: An Open Letter to I. Grossman-Roshchin by the anarcho-syndicalist Boris Stoyanov (ibid., pp. 694-618) originally published in Istina (Petrograd, 1920). Stoyanov scornfully notes that the Bolsheviks’ War Communism is not a transitional stage on the road to an anarchist society of free labour, but a new, more absolute, form of capitalist wage slavery – state capitalism.