Kiel Mutiny: Recollections of Karl Artelt 1958

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Kiel Mutiny: Recollections of Karl Artelt 1958

Karl Artelt and Lothar Popp were the leaders of the marines' mutiny in Kiel 1918. As opposed to Popp, who left the army in 1917, Artelt served for the "1. Torpedodivision" in Kiel-Friedrichsort. Like Popp he was a member of the USPD [Independent Socialdemocratic Party of Germany], but in 1919 he became a member of the KPD [Communist Party of Germany] and later in the GDR he wrote down his recollections in form of an article for the volume "Vorwärts und nicht vergessen - Erlebnisberichte aktiver Teilnehmer der Novemberrevolution 1918/1919". Here we give some excerpts from it, highlighting some of the lesser known incidents of that time (non approved translation by Klaus Kuhl):