Literature on workers discipline in the West.

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Jun 30 2012 12:12
Literature on workers discipline in the West.

I am looking for literature on the imposition of discipline on workers in the Western capitalist economies, with a focus on the second halve of the 20th century. With workers discipline I mean the eradication or supression of certain practices like lazyness, coming in to work too late or leaving too early, disobeying rules and commands, not working while on the job...etc. part of which can be atributed to a pre-capitalist peasant and/or craftsman mentality or moral economy part of which can be attributed to a natural reaction to capitalism.

Literature of the same theme about any other geographical is also appreciated.

I already read the works of Michael Seidman, "Workers resistance and the demise of East Germany" by Koppstein, "Labor discipline and the decline of the Soviet system" by Filtzer, and some works about the west pre-world war II including stuff about taylorism and the decline of pre-capitalist work mentalities but more literature on this is also appreciated.