National uprisings against the USSR

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Feb 13 2016 14:29
Poor Russia! Poor Saddam! Poor Milosevic! How could Western media blame them for anything? It's obvious that if Western media is criticizing someone, he is innocent!

That's an even more idiotic comment. In any case, since you clearly don't get it. You are very ready to accuse others of parroting Russian propaganda, but you seem to be completely free of any such sort despite your very obvious intimacy with the entire situation. It is such intimacy that often will lead people to assume ideological positions. In any case, when you have to invoke Hitler --the good old Godwin's law--then you don't really have an argument, you are merely trying to shut down your opponent or arguing based on logical fallacies. That's the definition of not having any logic.

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Feb 21 2016 16:08

Clear. Well I have no more desire to debate with people who can only be rude on the forums. But I will reserve the right to comment on your comments if I need to. Even despite the outstanding abilities of your brain.