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Jul 11 2007 16:16

Can you give like say a five line summary?

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Jul 21 2007 13:16

The Civil Rights struggle in the 60s is interesting for examining Black-Jewish relations. Certainly, a disproportionate majority of whites who participated in the Civil Rights movement were Jewish.

There was certainly some inter-organizational tension between SNCC and CORE and some others, and on top of that, Blacks (righfully) wanted more leadership in these organizations. There were, however, certainly some bad feelings over the way all of this went down.

Certainly there were Jewish people who shat on Blacks just like many white people did -- especially those who may have been in a position of economic and political advantage. But you throw around a generalized and yet particularized (to an ethnic-religious group) statement, and so I asked for some specifics information that would lead you to that conclusion. Rather than cite to a book, I assume some information therein formed the basis for your statement, and so you should be able to cite to at least one or two things the book discusses about this.