Russia 1917: "Backwards"?

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Sep 5 2013 18:39

The resolution adopted by the second conference (?) of the ComIntern referred to the 'era of wars and revolutions'. The implications of Luxemburg's, Bukharin's, and Lenin's investigations into the crisis of capitalism, imperialism and the causes of the First World War can be read as being that capitalism had positively and efinitively become a barrier to further social progress, not that further social progress was possible in certian parts of the world. It was capitalism as a world system that they were analysing.

It's certainly true that the 'Congress of the Peoples of the East' was 'anti-colonialist'. Unfortunately, the 'Leninists' (including Lenin) were caught up in the idiocy of 'national liberation'. That doesn't mean they hdn't acheived a degree of clarity on the question of the nature of capitalism in the 20th century. They were unable to 'join the dots' because of their support for the doctrine of national self-determination (which they then saw as being particularly useful at bringing down the British Empire).