'Spanish archive sheds light on Franco's dark days'

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Jun 20 2008 13:27
'Spanish archive sheds light on Franco's dark days'

From http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/jun/20/spain

Here's a little clip:

Among the artefacts will be the wig used by Santiago Carrillo when he secretly returned to Spain after Franco's death in 1975. Visitors will also be able to pore over lists of dates of the executions by firing squad of enemies of Franco's regime. The proceedings of kangaroo courts, which condemned opponents on trumped-up charges, also form part of this testament to one of Spain's darkest chapters.

The archives reveal that about a million people were imprisoned between the end of the civil war in 1939 and the latter days of the Franco regime in 1973. Crosses next to prisoners' names meant they were executed.

The archive was saved by civil servants who ignored orders to destroy them, putting themselves at risk.