syllabus for working class mass organisations

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Jan 25 2008 02:04
syllabus for working class mass organisations

We'll open a course about the history of working class mass organizations and organizational methods/tactics. By "we" I mean some students. We arranged a teacher to open the course, but he said that he won't have time for it. So we should prepare everything by ourselves. We have in our mind a stress on pre-ww2 anarchist/revolutionary syndicalism and grassroots movements in the last decades.
Does anybody have any book, excerpt or article suggestions? Also suggestion about subjects to be included in the syllabus are welcomed.
Secondly: We may also use some of the resources of the faculty to bring some speakers from different social movements (to turkey). We have also the crazy fantasy to end the course with a symposium/conference. Do you have any suggestions about most interesting and/or successful social movements around the world.