Any good book or website about soviets?

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Oct 19 2005 18:07
Any good book or website about soviets?

I still have never seen a detailed account of how the soviets were structured. How did they function? What was the actual day to day practice? How was representation solved (how many people were representd by each delegate for example)? How were unemployed, disabled, and retired workers involved? How did they begin to take on the functioning of government? I read Worker's Councils by Pannekoek, and it answered few questions. Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution explains little. There must be some good info out there.

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Oct 20 2005 11:22


i can recommend "bolsheviks and workers control" by maurice brinton. you may be able to find this as a pamphlet otherwise it's in "For Workers Power - the selected writings of Maurice Brinton" pub by AK Press 2004.

or you may find it here: wink

i suspect there's a lot of material in russia, ukraine etc on this this that has never been translated into English.


Mike Harman
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Oct 20 2005 22:52

A fair bit of stuff on Russia on the libcom library - including some things on the soviets I've not seen anywhere else online (except the endpage library that we inherited).

It's a bit buggy at the moment so bear with it.

I've only scanned it very briefly, but this might be what you're after:

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Feb 26 2006 15:50

You'd be needing Soviets, The: Russian Workers, Peasants and Soldiers Councils, 1905-21 by Oskar Anweiler - written from a very healthy pro-working class independence perspective.