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Jun 5 2012 21:43

Great, cheers!

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Jun 17 2012 21:26

Hi everyone, another RevLefter here who has grown disillusioned with the site due to what I perceive as the extreme lack of substance in the conversation, and the attitude towards learning.

On this last point, I'm a young leftist in the New York area who considers himself on a journey of political learning. I've been politicized for a while; I started considering myself a socialist (of an admittedly reformist, social-democratic variety) in middle school, and over the years have continued to evolve. I eventually abandoned this nebulous reformist socialism for Marxism, starting off in Trotskyism. However, I grew to be extremely dissatisfied both Trotskyist theory and with my experience working in the orbit of Trotskyist organizations (IMT, ISO, CWI).

For a while I moved towards "Maoism" in the losest sense of the term, not from a so-called "anti-revisionist"/Stalinist vector but primarily out of being attracted to its relevance to struggles in the developing world, the idea of class struggle continuing after "the revolution" (which had become painfully clear in my studies of the USSR) and what I saw as improvements on areas where Trotskyism had failed, though in the same general spirit. However, from the get-go this was again only a "Maoism" in the loosest sense, more akin to the French Maoism of the GP or the UCFML than the cultists in the RCP.

However, fairly recently I began to find this approach unsustainable as well, for multiple reasons. I read works by left communists like Pannekoek, began drawing upon anarchism as a resource (Bakunin et al.), and looked into some contemporary stuff on post-party organization and the like. In a nutshell, I became dissatisfied with "orthodox" Leninism, party form, etc., and have become much more interested in more "libertarian" and theoretically rich strains of communism. Right now my politics could be described as a sort of amorphous generally "anti-authoritarian" and strongly revolutionary communism, with Marxism as easily the dominant theoretical resource, but I'm heterodox and interested in updating communism for the 21st century.

Most importantly, I consider myself a learner, because I'm still really young and therefore relatively new to this.

Edit: Upped myself by accident, instinctually thought I could click and see who upped me *facepalm*

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Jun 27 2012 20:54

Hey people. I've recently decided to try and establish my political view points, and, as you can guess, this is the best one, and I'd like to see how the other people who think this way are like. So yeah...

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Jul 4 2012 01:33

Hey hello guys whats up tongue

my name is Kevin i dont know why im a little nervous writing here xDis just that english is not my native language so i hope u can understand what i say cause im doing all my efforts xD..(i know my grammar is awful i just want u to understand the message)

well im from chile,south america, i found this website cause i was watching the web of the anarchist federation of uruguay and this was in the "friend websites"... so i entered and i read a lot... i can understand almost everything asking some words on the dicctionary but i dont speak(or write) to well(or good? or nice? xD) i read a lot about u... the things that u talk about and its really interesting,i think that i dont have to say that i am anarchist too xd..well so is first time that i see a community so active, i like a lot what i see here

and about me.. im just a kid xD but i like to see watch read observe... i have 17 years old im going to enter the university next year i like astronomy.. and well thats me.. i have a question for u guys like british citizens..what u people from the "old" continent think about us... i mean here in south america every day in the news or the politics compare us with the industrialised countrys(germany, uk, france etc..) and every1 here wants to travel "around the world" and see paris and the evolved society and what the fuck u know the story... please answer me tongue i really want to know what u think what u talk about americans...( not those assholes in northamerica)

and finally sorry for write this testament... xD i'll wait for ur answer tongue

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Jul 11 2012 21:47

Hi everyone

I've been registered on this site for quite a while, and been a bit of a lurker on here for over a year, but I thought it was finally time to get involved a bit more actively.

I'm something of a newcomer to radical politics, in fact, having been mostly apolitical all my life, I'm a newcomer to politics altogether. After reading around for a while I found a lot of sympathy with anarchist beliefs and ideals, but as someone with no background whatsoever in social science, I found a lot of the abstract theory and concepts somewhat daunting and offputting (especially the Marxist stuff). Having said that I would like to develop my knowledge and understanding of the more theoretical side of things.

I've read 'What is Anarchism?' by Alexander Berkman and 'An Anarchist FAQ' on infoshop.org and found both more practical and more easily accessible, and that was what first made me realise my own beliefs were quite in tune with those of an anarcho-communist/libertarian communist nature. I've also read 'Homage to Catalonia' by George Orwell, but I'm afraid my acquaintance with revolutionary literature stops there. With that in mind, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some good introductory texts, especially more accessible stuff for the lay person, bearing in mind I am new to all of this smile


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Mollie Steimer
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Jul 12 2012 01:47

Greetings, everyone. Like many of the other new posters, I have been following this site for quite awhile, but didn't decide to join until now, as I work two jobs and go to college full-time (and hence have not had much time for for political activism until the past year so). Although I do not consider myself to be a communist (in fact, I don't really ascribe to a particular economic outlook), I am (or rather have been) an anarchist for roughly the last five years. I really like this website and look forward to meeting and engaging my fellow comrades here.

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Jul 13 2012 17:55

Hi everyone!

I'm Nia from Iran. I've some questions, but as I don't know where I should ask them, I have to write here, sorry for that.
I'm looking for some texts in English about how to organize in workplace and for workers, especially those in large factories. I've seen that Libcom.org has a distinct section for the issue and there some useful texts can be found, but as they are mostly based on workers' experiences in the first world, they aren't that useful here, in Iran. So, I'm more interested in texts describing the process of organizing in the circumstance of hard dictatorship. Preferably, the texts should put more emphasis on informal and casual relationships between workers, as here laws are strongly against any organizing.
I want to translate them into Persian and distribute them among workers.
Can anyone please help me?
Please let me know whether I should describe something more.


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Joseph Kay
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Jul 13 2012 18:17
niafar wrote:
So, I'm more interested in texts describing the process of organizing in the circumstance of hard dictatorship.

Some of the historical stuff might be useful, e.g. Spain was a dictatorship on and off in the 1920s and 1930s and some very effective organising was done despite harsh repression (I don't know how similar it was to modern Iran though). This is an account of a general strike under martial law, although that happened when the CNT union was already very strong, so not so much the informal side (I don't think there's anything comparable in Iran?). This book on organising in Barcelona which might be relevant as it discusses the importance of the 'working class public sphere' and the informal culture of resistance as well as the organised movement. It might also be worth looking at stuff about Brazil and South Korea under the military dictatorships in the 1980s, both had very militant workers movements in the factories which I think were quite informal, but I can't think of any texts off the top of my head. The stuff on Italy in the Hot Autumn is also very inspiring (Italy wasn't a dictatorship, but it was a time of harsh repression, including state murder of worker-activists, fake 'terrorist' attacks by the state and tanks deployed against rioting students).

Welcome to libcom! And that goes to the other new people too red n black star

Edit: the textile workers strikes in Mahalla, Egypt under Mubarak might also be relevant.

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Jul 13 2012 18:38

Thanks a lot. Surely Spain's experience has been and still is insightful for all of us. Actually, I've translated some texts about CNT and Spain revolution. I'll also see your links (thanks about them), but as there is no union here now, workers' struggle in Brazil, South Korea, Turkey (our neighbor) and so on may be more useful for Iranian workers, however, workers' movement in these countries are still much more stronger and organized than in here.

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Jul 13 2012 21:40

niafar you might want to check out Kamunist Kranti and Guragon Workers' News. Although India is not a dictatorship like Iran, I think their approach to organizing is very much about informal and casual relationships, and a resistance they dub "faceless" (the Swedish group Kampa Tilsammans! (Struggle Together) has also written on that). The reason why they focus on the informal stuff comes from a strong critique of large-scale and 'official' union actions.

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Jul 13 2012 23:53

Hi, everyone. I've been a member of this site for several months, and I'm enjoying my stay very much.

I don't know where my politics would lie exactly-I find myself torn between Libertarian Communism and/or Anarchism, and Leninism.

I'm a big history nerd-I've studied the Russian Revolution, 20th century Communism, etc. and right now I'm studying the Communist revolution/revolutionary civil war in China.

I've read Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Bakunin, etc. etc. over the two years since I've become a radical leftist.

I try to keep an open mind. I don't want to end up coming off as biased towards one ideological tendency.

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Jul 14 2012 17:07

Thanks very much Khawaga!

Another question? Is there a more suitable place to ask the question or is here OK?

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Jul 14 2012 17:07

Thanks very much Khawaga!

Another question? Is there a more suitable place to ask the question or is here OK?

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Jul 14 2012 17:54

Hi niafar, probably a better place to post would be in the organise forum (the forum especially for stuff related to organising) or possibly the history forum.. either the way, don't worry too much about it as its always great to hear news from workers across the world no matter where they post on the forums!

Oh yeah, and welcome!

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Jul 14 2012 21:36

Hi everyone,

after lurking around for a while, I thought it was about time to finally join the discussion. I'm from Luxembourg and currently studying IT in the native town of Marx.

Many years ago I was a typical victim of media propaganda. Thinking that it's human nature to fight each other, that the west is bringing peace to the world, that you will only work hard if you're lured by money. But then I started reading wikipedia articles. Many of them. About history. About politics. I discovered Emma Goldman, Bakunin, Kropotkin, the Spanish Civil War, read Homage to Catalonia and slowly started to realize what's actually going on in this world. And thus I became an anarchist.

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Jul 16 2012 21:56

Hey.Long time lurker/recent poster etc. Unemployed, live in Dunfermline, Fife. Hopefully joining Afed soon in Edinburgh.Need to put my politics into practice again.Haven't been on a protest in years.


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Jul 21 2012 20:03


Been reading the site for a good while without registering, while I was trying to read and learn more. After years of classing myself as an 'anarchist/anarchist communist' it is only this year that I feel that I have had the chance, due to circumstances, to really learn and clarify things more and am starting to become more active - and this site has been a real help.

I haven't posted much yet, mainly as I generally don't like to post/talk unless I feel I have something to say, but I will look to contribute more. (I am a web developer by the way so if I can be of any help with the site in a small way, then just let me know).

So anyway hello everyone, finally.

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Jul 23 2012 16:15

Hello everybody. I am an anarcho-syndicalist. I have posted on RevLeft before but gave up because the site was full of authoritarian idiots. Good to see people on here who don't support Stalin, Mao or FARC.

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Ewan Hoozarmy
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Jul 31 2012 02:12

Hello folks. My name's Ewan, and I live in Glasgow. Like Canis, I did a brief stint at RevLeft, but found their blanket ban on fascists whilst allowing cretins that sing borderline sensual praise for Mao, Hoxha and the DPRK to be baffling and repugnant.

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Jul 31 2012 02:44

welcome Ewan!

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An Coileach
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Jul 31 2012 21:53

Hey, Ewan. Revleft is the cludgie of the internet leftist forums. Almost as bad as the marxist-leninist proboards.

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Aug 13 2012 18:23

Hi, my name is Mat smile I've lived in many places in this world and led a pretty hectic life so far. Because of my experiences I have come to accept the necessity of anarchism (whether communistic or not) and finally decided to go public with my sentiments. I'm currently living in England and educating myself in the history of the labor movement as well as economics (I studied, and hope to continue studying, philosophy at university so my interest are all focused around that).

If anyone is living around Cambridge and enjoys long afternoons/evenings spent talking about life and philosophy, I'm more than happy to hang out!

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Aug 13 2012 22:48

I am sure if your pro-active you will find SF or AF comrades nearby.

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Aug 22 2012 01:56

hey folks,
been coming to this site for years, finally created an account. as the user name indicates, i'm an anarchist in Atlanta, GA.
working together with some folks here to put together an anarchist blog and perhaps soon, if all goes well, a new anarchist-communist group here.
lookin forward to some good conversations!

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Aug 22 2012 12:45

Long-time lurker, first time poster. I registered about a year ago but started posting just a day or two ago.

I'm a 16 year-old black anarchist-communist in South Florida. My mom's a working class nurse, dad's a working class insurance salesmen and part-time douchebag. I'm homeschooled and, I guess, generally introverted.

What I want to do is go to community college, join my sister's crazy photography business venture in Boston and become a community organizer. Life seems to be doing mostly OK, I guess. I'd like to happen upon something interesting and write a book about it or something.

I was a socialist, but anarchism was an infinitely more robust critique of the problems in society, and anarchist communism was an infinitely more moral way of re-organizing it.

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Aug 22 2012 12:57

Hey there, Nanner, ATL. Welcome to the site. smile Hope you both find your stay a useful one!

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Aug 22 2012 18:31

Yeah, welcome to the new people! Look forward to your contributions

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Sep 3 2012 19:07


I have been lurking for a long, long time so I guess I'll introduce myself here. Some of you may know me from Revleft (where I post as Ravachol) or Facebook. I'm an anarcho-communist from the Netherlands. I'd say I'm politically most close to the 'communization milieu' and the broad ultra-left. I'm active in an anarcho-syndicalist organization (which functions like a political minority group though) even though I don't identify as a syndicalist anymore for quite some time.

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Sep 4 2012 02:53

welcome cerclenoir, to the forum of awesome

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Sep 4 2012 08:54

Good to see dutch posters on here. Hope it's a sign of change in the milieu there. smile