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Feb 3 2014 18:22

Hello and welcome! Look forward to your contributions and comments

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Mar 4 2014 00:26

Hi everyone. New guy here.

I've been reading some articles here for a couple of years. Now I think I can join the discussion (and learn something in the process).


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Mar 4 2014 20:37

Hi everybody.

I was somewhat active on Libcom years ago, but alas too young and to poorly versed in theory to contribute much (not sure much has changed about the latter!). Turning 30 soon, vegan, straight edge, IWW member and based in the Midlands. Please be patient with me.

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Mar 4 2014 23:17

Welcome both of you!

Rubbish Anarchist
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Mar 11 2014 01:45

Hi all,

Actually been registered 31 weeks, but only just got around to posting.

As the name suggests I'm an anarchist, but without the patience or smarts to read up on theory or etch out my own ideas fully. All I know is we'd be much better off without capitalism and the state.

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Mar 27 2014 10:44


I'm Kov, 20, currently studying Product Design Engineering in Melbourne, Australia.
I became interested in Anarchism during my first year of TAFE, and it certainly lifted my spirit after the horrible mood i sunk into after high school. Actually ended that year as a novice monk.

Use to be not that sociable then managed to mostly get over that after I found a decent
group of friends that are supportive.

Now that i'm at Uni i'm hoping to get involved in the local anarchist community.

PS. I think my old account from '12, which I hadn't made a single post on, was deleted a while back.

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May 12 2014 15:24

erm, so yeah i'm the new guy around here!

i'm 17 year old student from up t' north in Huddersfield (UK).
i'm something of an anarchist newbie, despite being a serious lefty for
as long as i could read, i became interested in anarchism recently and
really identified with it as an ideology!
i like reading, music, art, poetry and being pretentious...

oh and i don't bite... much.

; )


shite i forgot!
feel free to follow me on twitter:

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May 14 2014 22:41
erikathered wrote:
Hello! I'm an 18 year old trans girl from Kentucky, USA. Still in high school, currently looking for employment but planning on attending university this fall. I'm just coming off a phase of Social Justice/Identity Politics thought that was more than a little stifling intellectually.

Politically I find myself gravitating towards Anarcho-Syndicalism at the moment, but I'm still working things out and I expect to develop my positions considerably on this site. Cheers, comrades!

This is bizarrely similar to my story... are you sure you're not me? Haha. Anyway...

Hi everyone! I'm Kinsey, a 17-year-old trans girl from Texas, also still in high school. I too am starting to come off an identity politics mindset... I've run the gamut all the way from center-right politics (long ago) to some sort of vague socialism and now anarchism (I'm leaning towards anarcho-syndicalism as well), a relatively recent development. Having pretty much mastered at least a general outline of the theory behind it all, I've been spending a lot of time on libcom lately to read about what modern anarchist organizing might look like and as I get a clearer picture of what works and doesn't, it's making me think a lot about my politics and the political movements American leftists are so enamored of... anyway. I dunno how active I'm gonna be on here but I figured I might as well make an account since I'm getting on here so much as of late.

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May 14 2014 22:59

Welcome, both of you! Feel free to get involved in discussions, look forward to hearing your point of view

R. Mark
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Apr 7 2015 18:44

Anarchist bookworm and audiophile, most happy walking in the wilderness. smile

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Jun 12 2014 15:44


I'm Murican, white, cis, male, heterosexual. That's several strikes against me as far as membership to oppressor groups. I address this by, at the very least, staying out of the way of members of oppressed groups as they fight for liberation; better yet, if people like myself want to actively help, we should shut up and take orders, not paternalistically presume to lead.

I just call myself an advocate of socialism, which I define (in part) as the direct democratic management of productive resources by the producers themselves, with production for use not profit (obviously), and distribution according to contribution (until distribution by need becomes feasible) not ability to pay.

It's possible that I don't belong here, strictly speaking, since I don't oppose voting. I'm under no illusions about it, I know socialism can't be achieved by reforms (power will have to be seized by the revolutionary working class), but I do believe it matters which arm of the ruling class holds office: better "liberal" (conservative) than "conservative" (reactionary), in my judgment.

Anyway, if that's a problem, just tell me to buzz off and I will.

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Jun 12 2014 17:33

Hi, welcome. As you realise, we do disagree about the voting, but have no problem with you contributing here and look forward to some good discussions

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Jun 12 2014 21:44
GeorgeZinn wrote:
New to anarchism. First exposure was Orwell's "Homage to Catalonia". I like the ideals. Fan of Chomsky. Trying to immerse myself in some of his books, books about him, books by and about Marx, books by Rousseau, Proudhon, Berkman. Continually expanding my library. Every book I read changes my overall opinion to some degree. An absolute believer in freedom of thought, but shared responsibility and economic fairness. I have a business degree and work in the investment industry so am not likely a typical person to like or agree with libertarian socialism, or any other form of socialism, but my background does give me a good understanding of how capitalism works. I am not rich. I can't stand conservative thinking. I shop at co-ops when and where I can. I cycle.I have belonged to unions in the past, and I still agree with unionism. I care about the environment. I ramble at times.

I'm not american, i'm italian...but yuor political pathway is the same as mine smile But it was almost 15 years ago, then it came platformism/especifismo.....

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disgruntled old coot
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Aug 26 2014 04:00

Hello to the human herd hereabouts.

Wandered in. Curious.

Convinced the USA is in the throes of class warfare and the masses are losing that war.

Also convinced that all within the USA are immersed within the most effective propaganda systems ever created their entire lives. The elites controlling those systems have convinced too many that as things are is correct and proper.

Thus, I am disgruntled.


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Sep 2 2014 01:29

I arrived at this site via searching for info about the Spanish Civil War. I want to learn more about it and anarchism/libertarian socialism.

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Sep 2 2014 10:35

Welcome! We certainly have lots of stuff about the Spanish Civil War: http://libcom.org/tags/spanish-civil-war

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Sep 12 2014 04:41

Hey! I live in New Zealand and I'm a vegan anarchist and a communist. I'm definitely not a primitivist. There are lots of them here in NZ though, so I have to come online to talk with people who aren't primitivists.

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Chilli Sauce
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Sep 12 2014 19:16
I have to come online to talk with people who aren't primitivists.

Ironically, of course, you could just as easily go online and talk to primmos.

To be honest, I'm surprised primmos are still around anywhere. Even in the States, the recession seems to have wiped them aside.

Good to have you in here in any case.

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Sep 15 2014 15:08

This is a high-quality web site, so I should acknowledge the effort and cost put into it. Best wishes.

(I'm retired and not politically active anymore.)

Mr. Huxley
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Sep 16 2014 20:54


I'm an anarcho-Marxo-commie-Buddhist punker labor leftist!

Hahah. I don't know what to call myself. I've since stopped trying to put a name on it. I just know that I like, among other things, the following:

1) Labor unions of all stripes
2) Reading Karl Marx
3) The idea of being free, even though I'm a worker
4) Meditating
5) Philosophy
6) Radical politics

And so this place looked like a good place to post things. I had read many articles before, but I have not participated in the community until today, when I commented on an article, and then I saw one of my favorite internet addictions -- forums! grin

Glad to be around.

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Sep 19 2014 06:37

Hi. Anarchist without adjectives here, or at least that's the best way to describe my viewpoint which differs from that common here though has points of intersection as well. Unsure how to introduce myself exactly so*...shrugs* Long live freedom? That's my whole ethical system in a single word actually(freedom).
I hope this finds you all well and freedom from politicos and capitalists comes to all soon.

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Perry Solstice
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Oct 26 2014 01:26

Good evening Anarchists everywhere...

as a seasoned one returning to the movement after a decade-long hiatus - and holy fuck does the world come crashing in once you reopen that door - I'm finding it very disturbing that so many Anarchist and activist groups are relying on Facebook as their main online focus of communication. I understand that it's free, but given what we now know of the extent of the international surveillance programme, I'm really hoping that there is movement to get away from the structures that are directly associated with it, namely, Facebook and Google. The Anarchist Federation groups of different areas in the United(?!?) Kingdom(?!?) as listed on the AF website all have a Facebook page; this isn't the only means of contact, but look at many of their independent websites or blogs and you'll find many of them untouched for months, if not years. Email the contact address on the site and see how quick you get a response, if one comes at all. I am speaking very generally, and about more than just the AF, so please don't get offended if you do keep a tight site / email address.

Many people now using Facebook to connect with other Anarchists may have been on there a while and might not realise that it's not as easy to create an account anymore, if you don't want to give your real name or connect the account to a phone. They know what they're doing. We do too so I'm really hoping there's going to be a shift. Independent websites, Forums, blogs and decentralised social networks should be being used and updated often. Having made contact with a political collective in my area the message has been that I'm shooting myself in the foot by refusing to be on Facebook. That's sad.

I do understand that anything on the internet is up for grabs by those that like to keep an eye, but maintaining usage of this nefarious website to the exclusion of much more positive-at-the-root internet communication tools is wrong.

I'm not here just to espouse this but as someone making a re-entry to the scene in a different geographical location to that in which I was active previously, the Facebook wall is a massive thing to confront. I think it'll need moving.

Happy to help!

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Nov 8 2014 18:31

hello all. i am new to this blog

Sister Ray
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Nov 13 2014 17:10

Hello everyone,

Long time lurker here, thought I'd finally register for an account! I'm a 22 year old student based in the UK. I've always been against capitalism for as long as I can remember, even as a young child. Despite this though, for most of my life I was mainly apolitical and apathetic. Only in the last 3 years or so have I really come around to anarchism. Started off by reading the Anarchist FAQ, and then stuff like Homage to Catalonia, the ABC of Anarchism, The Conquest of Bread, the Dispossessed etc, and I've gradually come to identify as an anarchist myself.

I have never really been 'politically active' myself though, I've barely even talked to anyone about my views, so it's good to find a community of like minded people. I'd love to become more active and maybe join the AF or some other group, although I'm not naive, I realise anarchism is a tiny movement these days and achieves very little.

Anyway hello to you all and I hope I can become an active contributor here. Cheers smile

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Nov 16 2014 13:16

Welcome! Look forward to your contributions!

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Dec 9 2014 23:11

Hi. I found this website looking for anarchist lightbulb jokes. You're all very funny.

I'm not that great at introductions.

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Chilli Sauce
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Dec 10 2014 07:46

That's the best intro on the thread, mate.

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Dec 13 2014 02:45

Hi, I 'm new here . Anarco syndicalist from south Louisiana.

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Jan 3 2015 08:00

Hello comrades! I decided to make an account after lurking for a long time. I look forward to conversing with you all.

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Noah Fence
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Jan 3 2015 08:09
BakuninistDialectics wrote:
Hello comrades! I decided to make an account after lurking for a long time. I look forward to conversing with you all.

Top of the morning to you Sir/Madam!