Chomsky live Q&A video conference torrent

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Jun 28 2007 08:10
Chomsky live Q&A video conference torrent

I've uploaded a torrent of an XviD of a live Q&A with Chomsky at the (otherwise crap) tent state university thing at Sussex Uni...

dunno if anyone's interested - thought I'd let u know just in case! smile

Chomsky at great depth answers a mere five broad topical questions put to him by students from Sussex University in the U.K. in a 60 min video conference recorded on 05/06/07.

The questions:

1. Was the U.S. government involved in the 9/11 attacks?
2. Do you think there will be an attack on Iran?
3. What will be the impact of climate change on the world economic order?
4. Do you agree with Jimmy Carter's characterization of the Israel/Palestine situation as an apartheid situation?
5. What are the long term effects of a privatized [university] education [in the U.K., referring to the encroachment of neoliberal policies on university education, leading to long-term indebtedness, etc.]?