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Sep 22 2017 06:52

Been doing some filing, here's a list of books I have

The Pink Triangle: The Nazi War Against Homosexuals
Conquered City
Spanish Marxism versus Soviet Communism (PDF)
Spanish Marxism versus Soviet Communism (Epub)
Spanish Marxism versus Soviet Communism (mobi)

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Oct 23 2017 00:22

The enemy is the system that sends us to war" - Speech by Iraq war veteran
Open Letter From a Writer to the Military Junta - Rodolfo Walsh
Political persecution in republican Spain
Algeria: The Kabyle mentality
Papon and the killing of 200 Algerians in Paris during 1961
Wobblies and Cossacks: The 1913 great strike
Bolshevik repression against anarchists in Vologda
London mass strike, 1889

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Dec 16 2017 18:34

Does Freedom of Speech Include Fascists?
The Home Saving Bank robbery, 1915
A short history of colonialism in Congo, 1885-1997
Women Against Pit Closures’ 1984-5
The CIA reads French theory: on the intellectual labor of dismantling the cultural Left - Gabriel Rockhill
Birmingham district coal strike of 1908
The French Silk Workers Revolt of 1834
Solidarity in Liberty - Bakunin
The Class War - Bakunin
History of Anarchism in Malaya / Singapore / Malaysia

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Mar 18 2018 12:30

The West Siberian uprising, 1921-1922
1419-today: Czech anarchism
After the Death of Stalin: The First Revolt- The Plovdiv Tobacco Workers’ Strike, May 1953
Transphobia is a class issue
The Lessons of Angola - Walter Rodney, 1976
Power corrupts the best - Mikhail Bakunin
Everything you ever wanted to know about tankies, but were afraid to ask
Bim-Bom, Bang Bang! Chekists and Clowns
Revolutionary government - Peter Kropotkin

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Apr 28 2018 01:09

What is behind the label? A plea for clearness - Sylvia Pankhurst
Historical materialism - An anti-revolutionary theory of revolution
Falling Star: Countering Gender Essentialism with Sex Essentialism
Pannekoek "Marx and Bakunin"
Letter from a London street cleaner
The Lenin legend - Paul Mattick
Leninism or Marxism - Rosa Luxemburg
Class war in Barcelona - Jean Barrot, 1973
Sonja Krivokapić: Why women should forget about Fidel Castro

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Jul 15 2018 21:32

The mysterious trial of the POUM—Juan Peiró
State capitalism and dictatorship
Camus, Albert and the anarchists
Not survival only - James Butler
1919: The 40-hours strike
Open letter to Lenin - Sylvia Pankhurst
How the NKVD framed the POUM
Connollism – Solidarity
The Jackson State shootings, 1970
What is Anarchism? - MPT Acharya
The “Terrorist” Label And The Criminalization of Revolutionary Black Movements in The USA
Wars and Capitalism - Kropotkin

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Nov 7 2018 20:20

The Kronstadt Revolt - Ante Ciliga
The advance skirmishes of the German Revolution (1917-1918)
The Memphis sanitation strike, 1968
The Hebridean Land Revolt
Night of the gas: Bhopal India
"State-Fetishism": some remarks concerning the Red Army Faction
Albania: Laboratory of Subversion, 1997
Eugene Varlin (1839-1871)
Objections to anarchism – George Barrett
The Rebellion in Nicaragua
The Situationists and May 1968 – Miguel Amorós

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Apr 13 2019 05:23

Anarchism in North China, 1910-1934
Marx on the Russian Mir
Left communism and its ideology
The Fomin mutiny on the Don, 1920-1922
The Maslakov mutiny and the Makhnovists on the Don, 1921
1872-1995: Anarchism in Chile
1949-2007: Women workers in China
The Luton riots, 1919
The Seattle general strike of 1919
1938-1956: The tragedy of Karaganda
Serantini, Franco, 1951-1972

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Sep 7 2019 20:04

The Bernie Sanders Paradox: When Socialism Grows Old
The Poltava uprising against the Bolsheviks, 1920
Marx and Engels and the Communist Movement
Roots of the Workers World Party - Ken Lawrence
1984-85: Lesbian and Gay Miners' Support Group
Gays take on cops: From rage to madness
Revolutionary unionism in Latin America - the FORA in Argentina
Mühsam, Erich: His life, his work, his martyrdom - Augustin Souchy
Castro turned his back on anti-Francoists”: interview with Octavio Alberola - Aitor Azurki
The Old Man and the Coup
The Iva Valley miners strike and massacre at Enugu colliery, 1949
Borghi, Armando, 1882-1968
The CNT at the Third International
The Destruction of Nature - Anton Pannekoek
Luxemburg versus Lenin - Paul Mattick
When it comes to the crunch - Unpaid overtime in the games industry
1919: When the Bolsheviks Turned on the Workers - Looking Back on the Putilov and Astrakhan Strikes, One Hundred Years Later
With the peasants of Aragon - Augustin Souchy

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Dec 28 2019 20:03

I'm adding my archive and other files and texts I've collected over the years to the Internet archive

Its slow work, but it should make it easier to search for specific files.

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Jan 14 2020 19:38

Anarchism in 1940s Glasgow
The 4th Precinct: a black anarchist’s perspective on struggle in Minneapolis’
Mohamed, Sail, 1894-1953
Anarchy in Puerto Rico
The unemployed in the popular uprising of December, 2001
Theses on the Chinese revolution - Cajo Brendel
Anarchism in Venezuela, past and present
Vetelca - the story of the first ever Bolivarian factory
1917-1921: The Ukrainian Makhnovist movement
L'Humanitaire (1841), the first libertarian communist publication
Anarchist groups in Poland - Lódź 1905 - 1939
Leaving the swamp - L'Ouvrier Communiste
Timeline of direct action against the Iraq war, 2002-2004
An appeal to the army
War of the rentier states - Eqbal Ahmad
Open letter from the soldiers
In self defence: I demand an explanation - Jaime Balius
Balius Mir, Jaime, 1904-1980
Jaime Balius and The Friends of Durruti
Blood on the coal: Colorado strike of 1927 - Patrick Murfin
Towards a Fresh Revolution - Friends of Durruti

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Feb 27 2020 08:53

The Iranian Revolution at the Twilight of the Workers' Council
Refuting the deaf: Chavism and anarchism in Venezuela
Building Working Class Defense Organizations: An Interview with the Twin Cities GDC
Enoch Powell: the New Right (1970) - Tom Nairn
In Barcelona. Meeting with Durruti and the taking of Sietamo – Pierre van Paassen
The anarchists who liberated Paris, and why they did it - Robert P Helms
Seething with the ideal : Galleanisti and class struggle in late 19th century and early 20th-century USA
The Trouble With The Freedom Press Book About National Action
Libertarian Marxism's Relation to Anarchism - Wayne Price
The Russian constructivists and anarchism
Street politics in Hamburg, 1932-3
May 1968 in Senegal
The Continuing Appeal of Authoritarianism
Leo Tolstoy (1828-1910)
The mysterious death of Alwyn Skinner (1912-1938)
June 11, 1993: Toronto Anti-Racist Action target neo-nazi organiser
Durruti, Buenaventura, 1896-1936
Canvassing is not organizing
How Lenin led to Stalin - Workers Solidarity Movement

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Aug 7 2020 23:16

A history of the anarchist movement in Brazil - Edgar Rodrigues
South London Women’s Hospital occupation 1984-85 - Past Tense
West Virginia's mine wars, 1920-1921
An Anarchist Programme - Italian Anarchist Union
Preventative Counter-Revolution - Luigi Fabbri
Invergordon Mutineer
Bourgeois influences on anarchism - Luigi Fabbri
Why Moors help Franco
1974-1975 The Portuguese Revolution

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Nov 12 2020 03:11

Stirner, Feurbach, Marx and the Young Hegelians - David McLellan
1919-1922: The Workers’ Opposition
A Contribution to the Critique of Marx - John Crump
Trotsky Protests Too Much - Emma Goldman
Manifesto of Libertarian Communism - Georges Fontenis
Anarcho-syndicalism in Puerto Real: From shipyard resistance to community control
Racists, Reds and the Revolt on the Clyde, 1919
Anarchist communism in Britain, 1870-1991
KAPD Report from Moscow
Dismantling our divisions: craft, industry, and a new society

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Nov 28 2020 19:49

Silences on the suppression of workers self-emancipation: historical problems with CLR James's interpretation of V.I. Lenin
Brazilian Anarchist Chronology 1823-1937
Anarchy Defended by Anarchists
Putting the Record Straight on Bakunin - Solidarite Ouvriere/ASRAS
Building the Revolutionary Party? - Geoff Foote
Solidaridad Obrera: another way of understanding anarcho-syndicalism
Samuel Gompers
The massacre of Anarchists and Maximalists at Sandormokh
Anti-Semitism and the Makhnovists
August 12, 1937: Killing day at Tobolsk
1917-1918: The Brazilian anarchist uprising
Torgasheva, Tatiana Tikhonovna (1885-1919)

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Dec 6 2020 23:25

Soviet Appeasement, Collective Security, and the Italo-Ethiopian war of 1935 and 1936
The heterosexual questionnaire
Lu Jianbo 卢剣波 (1904 - 1991)
Interpreting Marx's Theory of the State and Opposition to Anarchism
The Makhnovists and the Mennonites: war and peace in the Ukrainian Revolution
Albert Einstein in Barcelona
Lucio, the good bandit: reflections of an anarchist - Marie Trigona
Syndicalism and Anarchism
Keir Starmer: From 'Marxist' to 'Cop in an expensive suit' - Mark Kosman
Mao Tse Tung and the Chinese Revolution
The Break with Marxism - Socialism or Barbarism
Football: The hate that dares not speak its name! - Perry Groves
Anarcho-syndicalism in Peru, 1905-1930 - Steven Hirsch
Stuart Christie's account of his actions in a Franco assassination attempt, 1964
Anarchists before the military tribunals, 1914-1918
1868-2000: Anarchism in Japan
An account of winning reinstatement for a suspended worker
Capitalist realism renewed - James Butler