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Fall Back
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Sep 28 2006 15:31
Fixed: Posts not showing

Having some problems right now, and some people can't see half a days worth of posts. If you make any big post now, save a copy somewhere, because I have a feeling that restoring the hidden posts could lose what has been made since then.


PS - It's all JDMF's fault.

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Sep 28 2006 15:38

hehe, fuck, it is my fault!

I got tired of that stupid thread, so i had to shut it down man grin nah, the server ground to a halt and needed a kick.

Everything should be saved, just our user permissions went apeshit. Catch will come to rescue soon.

(thats what you get when i get only server side permissions!)

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Sep 28 2006 15:41

Right so that bug's not fixed then...

I was deleting superfluous tags - the thing that used to fuck up permissions. I've noticed it make stuff go slowly before.

No jack no posts will be lost don't worry, it's the permissions bug.