Cops at New X Gate Station

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Mar 30 2005 01:50
Cops at New X Gate Station

Anyone know why they've been there nearly every day for the last week?

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Mar 30 2005 08:20

They're doing this everywhere, even in good ol' Woking. Cracking down on drugs, apparently. So New X Gate is an easy target, when really they should be going to Clerkenwell to catch all the city coke-heads wink grin

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the button
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Mar 30 2005 08:57

What they've been doing the last couple of times I've used New X Gate Station is standing there with ticket inspectors. Then when the ticket inspector finds someone without a ticket, they've been passing them on to the cops for a general "turn out your pockets."

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Jacques Roux
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Mar 30 2005 11:04

Yeah as Zobag says it seems to be happening at lots of train stations without ticket barriers where they use the excuse of the ticket inspectors to bring in british transport police sometimes with sniffer dogs to just generally search people.

We saw someone at Streatham Hill last week get the shit kicked out of him by plain clothes cops when he panicked when they tried to search him.