DISARM DSEi - action planning meeting

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DISARM DSEi - action planning meeting


Planning Meeting and film showing

13th February, 3pm, LARC, Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel

International Day of Action and DSEi 2005

Get involved, plan actions, eat food, watch films.

International Day of Action:

International groups are calling for a day of direct action against the arms trade on 21st March 2005 to coincide with the second anniversary of the start of war on Iraq.

The international arms trade is responsible for death, destruction and misery all over the planet. Arms dealers profit from war and are constantly looking for ways to sell their deadly technology to whichever side is prepared to pay, often at the taxpayer’s expense.

Join us and show that we will not tolerate this murderous trade.

Support this call to action, find your local arms dealer

and organise an action in your area.

For info about the day of action and the arms trade see: www.dsei.org

email: actionday@dsei.org

To join the international email list email:


Remember DISARM DSEi 2003?

Arms fair preparations blockaded, trains and buses full of delegates stopped, DSEi security breached, arms companies’ offices visited by day and night, blockades, street protests and many other actions, £4.5 million spent on policing.

DISARM DSEi 2005...

It’s up to YOU!

13-16 September 2005

ExCeL Centre, London Docklands

DSEi 2003 was just a warm-up.

This time we will shut them down!

Arms dealers from all over the world will come to the UK to profit from their

murderous trade at... DSEi 2005!

Form an affinity group and start planning early for DSEi 2005. Take action now against companies involved in DSEi. See www.dsei.org for resources, information and more. DSEi (Defence Systems and Equipment International) is the world’s biggest weapons fair selling everything from battleships and attack helicopters to cluster bombs and machine guns. At DSEi 2003 there were 973 exhibitors selling their deadly wares to delegates from a third of the world’s countries.

DISARM DSEi is funded entirely by donations, so please consider sending a cheque

payable to DISARM DSEi to the address below.



BM Box 3679, London WC1N 3XX

07817 652029 disarm@dsei.org