Friday Night Loafing

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Jason Cortez
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May 4 2005 08:43
Friday Night Loafing

Well, as you all know we are doing Friday Nights cafes at the Ragged School (Hales St, Deptford) and if you remember we cover the cooking by an open rota. So this is an appeal for people to start offering their services as cooks. It's pretty easy to do, pick a (simple) vegan meal, get a mate(s) pick a date. You should aim to feed appox 25 people, we will be around to help. You can go skipping if you like but buying the food is cool too and we will re-imburse you (up to about £35). At present you can pick any Friday over next few months. It's actually quite good fun and its a great way to great involved. if you have any other ideas for things you want to use the building for get in contact or come down to the weekly Thursday night meetings (7.30pm). There is a small meeting room,a large meeting space/cafe, and a church hall sized hall with stage and a workshop equipped with tools. tongue