London ISM Presents - Signs of Resistance: Film Night

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Mar 16 2005 17:44
London ISM Presents - Signs of Resistance: Film Night



Saturday 19th MARCH 6:00 -10:00


Democracy isn't built on demonstrators' bodies (2004, 32 min) dir. David Massey.

A close up picture of the events and consequences of the shooting of Israeli Anarchists Against the Wall demonstrator Gil Naamati in December 2003. Israeli activist-made film which gives an insight into protest from the other side of the apartheid wall in a challenging experimental documentary.

Blue and White Collar Criminal (2004, 50 min) dir. Noam Kaplan

Never seen before in the UK, Kaplan's "Zionist crime comedy" is a blackly comic view of the Israeli left as they protest through an ecstasy haze. Look out for cameos by the IDF and the Border Police.

Counter Terror: Build Justice (2004, 20mins) dir. Milan Rai

To mark the International Day of Action on the War on Terror. Rai's short film dismantles the UK Government's "war on terror".

SPECIAL: Update and footage from Palestine by recently returned ISM volunteers.

VENUE: Pancras Way at Pratt St. in Camden. All welcome £5/3. Proceeds to the International Solidarity Movement.

The International Solidarity Movement is a growing movement of Palestinian and international activists who use nonviolent direct action to confront and challenge Israeli apartheid in the Occupied Territories.