Ragged School Temporary (?) Closure

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Jason Cortez
Joined: 14-11-04
May 26 2005 08:42
Ragged School Temporary (?) Closure

From Bad to Worse

The Use Your Loaf collective, have now pulled out of the Ragged School Collective. This of course means no more Friday night cafes. Over the last month there has been a lot of conflict and confusion within the Ragged School collective and between the household (itself beset with divisions) there has also been various thefts including two break-ins into our booze cupboard, the last happening late Sat night. It is clear that at least one member of the household had been present at both times ( we don't know who for sure or if they were actively invovled) and that the household as a group are unwilling to take responsibility ( despite some individuals being responsible when there). We no longer feel we can be invovled in a space where so little respect and trust is present.

The Ragged School Collective will continue (now meeting on 7pm Tuesdays) and we wish then luck (the're gonna need it) hopefully they will overcome these difficulties.

Watch this space for future developments.

yours for the collective

Jason & John

Due to a violent incident which resulted in Jon Frost's face being cut with a bread knife the Ragged School will be shut for ten days from today Thursday 26th May (i suspect possiblily permanently). There is a meeting next Weds to decide where now. Venue to be confirmed. sad