Tanks on the streets of Lewisham

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Jan 19 2005 09:37
Tanks on the streets of Lewisham

From the South London Press.....

Mourning post

By Keely Sherbird, South London Press

PROTESTERS mourned the privatisation of another post office and plan to drive tanks along a main road to stop the same thing happening to two others.

The Communication Workers' Union (CWU) says it has received information that prospective buyers have visited Catford and Lewisham crown post offices to "measure up".

To put a stop to any plans to privatise them, the union is planning for two tanks to patrol up and down between the town centres, along Rushey Green.

A date for the stunt has yet to be fixed although it is likely to take place in the next month.

Mole Meade, CWU's South-east London branch secretary, said: "It's a really sad day when public services are being dismantled in this way.

"We, as a community, are rapidly losing our civic pride as more and more services are downgraded."

On Saturday he was among protesters laying a wreath at Greenwich Crown Post Office which became privately run yesterday.

If Catford and Lewisham are privatised the nearest crown offices would be Bromley, New Cross Gate or Woolwich.

The union is urging people to write to their MP, councillors and Post Office Ltd.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "Post Office Ltd is carrying out a review of all its directly managed [crown] branches.

"No decisions on the future of Lewisham and Catford has been taken at this time and Post Office Ltd would like to assure all our customers in Lewisham that it is business as usual in their branch."