Teenagers face jail for desecrating Muslim graves

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Jason Cortez
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Feb 23 2005 23:13
Teenagers face jail for desecrating Muslim graves

I sent this to the newswire, but i thought i would pop here for good measure.

A gang of teenage vandals who went on a rampage shouting "Paki bastards" as they smashed up dozens of Muslim gravestones, were warned they may face being locked up.

The three male youths, who were aged 13, 15, and 16 at the time, desecrated 34 Turkish graves, some of which belonged to children, and one Catholic grave at Charlton cemetery, south east London, (about one mile from Woolwich where the NF recently held a march) on the evening of March 17 last year.

They targeted an area of the cemetery set aside for Muslims, pushing over gravestones, smashing photographs of loved ones with a hammer causing £12,500 worth of damage.

Relatives had been "shocked" at the damage. The single Catholic gravestone is believed to have been damaged by mistake

The three, who cannot be named, were arrested on April 3 2004 after police received a tip off. They admitted conspiracy to cause criminal damage but denied that it was religiously aggravated. But in a retrial a jury of six men and six women took six hours to convict the three of the conspiracy to commit religiously aggravated criminal damage. Judge Lindsay Burn said: "There is a real possibility in this case that each of you will have to go into custody."

The three were released on bail on the condition they do not go to Charlton cemetery and sentencing was adjourned until March 11 for reports to be prepared