Whoops! Met officer recorded abusing Kurdish teenager

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May 19 2005 09:43
Whoops! Met officer recorded abusing Kurdish teenager

It seems by activating the record device on your mobile phone, you can score an easy goal against the Met's finest!


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the button
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May 19 2005 09:59

I heard the recording on the radio this morning. It's still appalling, even though cops being racist should probably be about as surprising as

Bears in wood-shitting shocker

The radio report also mentioned that the copper in question swore at the kid 18 times on the recording.

It an obvious point, and somewhat lacking in political nuance, but....

Cunts! angry

Jason Cortez
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May 19 2005 23:47

I dunno i thought it was probaly the most appropiate response possible. angry grin

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Jacques Roux
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May 21 2005 17:45

Theres another little thread on this here for ppl scared of the london forum...