Ottawa: Meeting on Anarchism and Organization

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Mar 1 2007 19:25
Ottawa: Meeting on Anarchism and Organization

A talk by a member of the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC) Sunday, Mar 4, 2007 1h30pm Room 201, Jack Purcell Community Centre 320 Jack Purcell Lane, (just off Elgin St near the corner of Gilmour St).

Contrary to popular myth, anarchists are not opposed to organization. Instead they advocate directly democratic non-hierarchal forms of organization which directly reflect the kind of society they seek to create. Anarchists often organize on a regional or national basis by creating networks or federations of local anarchist groups. One such federation is NEFAC (the Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists). A member of NEFAC-Montreal will speak about anarchist communism, how NEFAC is organized, and how this form of organization makes them more effective in their activism.


The Anarchist Discussion Group meets every second Sunday afternoon. We are local Ottawa activists and community members who share an anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist viewpoint. We are involved in diverse struggles and believe in the importance of maintaining a link between theory and practice. Discussions are based on readings, presentations or short films. If there are readings, they are optional and will be summarized at the beginning of the discussion.

All are welcome. Accessible! Child-friendly!

Contact for more information.