¡All 12 Atenco political prisoners are being released!

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Martin O Neill
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Jun 30 2010 23:42
¡All 12 Atenco political prisoners are being released!

Report of London 'Free the Atenco 12' demo:

Caiman del Barrio
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Jul 1 2010 01:40

That text is like CRAZY I can't figure out if the Atenco lot have actually been released or not. Dunno why you'd make such an important statement and then link it to a report of your now out of date demo.

EDIT Could you possibly change your OP so the link has some kinda relevance? This one confirms that the Atenco lot's released has been ordered, so it's an option:

Excellent news...I'd heard that one of the women involved in Atenco had entered the Venezuelan Embassy in DF to plead political asylum. In response, chilango types organised a dossier compiling the flagrant disregard for social movements in this country.

Martin O Neill
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Jul 1 2010 09:43

I made the statement, because it was breaking news and it was all the information that was available at the time. A report of a demo that happened the day before is hardly out of date.

America del Valle is also the daughter of one of the prisoners who are being released. More info:

Mexican Supreme Court of Justice frees the 12 prisoners of Atenco.

Source: La Jornada online

30 June

Ministers granted protection “outright” to the defendants, including the leaders of FPDT Ignacio del Valle Medina, Felipe Alvarez.

México, DF. By majority, the ministers of the first chamber of the Supreme Court of the Nation declared the freedom of the 12 detainees since May 2006 events in San Salvador Atenco, Mexico State.

Thus, the leaders of the Peoples’ Front in Defense of the Land, Ignacio del Valle, who was sentenced to 112 years in prison for kidnapping and Felipe Alvarez-Medina, held in maximum security prison in the highlands, were also released .

The Court granted protection “outright” to the accused, who shall be released once the notice reaches the prison authorities where they are prisoners.

The Ministers determined that in the case of the twelve people used illegal evidence which we attempted to accuse them of a crime they did not commit.

The name of the other detainees who gained freedom are Oscar Hernández Pacheco, Rodolfo Cuellar Rivera, Julio César Espinoza Ramos, Juan Carlos Estrada Cruces, Edgar Eduardo Morales Reyes, Jorge Alberto and roman Adam Romero Ordóñez, Narciso Arellano Hernandez and Alejandro Pilon Zacate .