Another high court injunction denied

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Jun 26 2010 12:28
Another high court injunction denied

London Underground maintenance workers have just finished a 48 hour strike. Hopefully I'll get some time to do a news story on it as outside of London its barely been reported at all.

What's interesting though is that Tube Lines, the contractor employing the workers, applied for a High Court injunction against the strike on the basis of alleged discrepancies in the ballot. They say that 17 more workers had voted than were employed by the company.

There aren't a lot of details as to why the injunction was denied, but given its a more substantive complaint than has been used in prior sucessful injunctions, and is pretty much the same issue that was used to ban the national rail strike earlier in the year, its worth asking whether there's been a wind change following the sucessful appeal in the High Court during the BA strike. Its also worth asking why this is.