"Cuba looks to cooperatives to slow rise of capitalism"

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spaceman spiff
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Sep 29 2015 10:39
"Cuba looks to cooperatives to slow rise of capitalism"

This article seems like Reuters cheerleading capitalist 'reforms' in Cuba that appear quite counter-productive to me at first glance, but I don't know anything about Cuban communism and economics to comment.



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Sep 30 2015 09:30

Seems like a reasonable article from their point of view but more accurate to say that these ' worker co-operatives' and the Cuban states assistance to, and regulation of them is just a small part of the current transition to a more directly market orientated system - not a defense of 'communism' but a reform of their version of state-capitalism and the slow process of further integration into the world market. See other discussions on this site about the role of workers co-ops in a capitalist system.