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Jul 27 2020 16:22

As an update on Rashid's situation above, there's now some positive news to report:

During May, I was targeted twice in less than 24 hours with two, staged cell searches by guards here at Pendleton Correctional Facility (PCF), where my property was ransacked and damaged, and my state-issued tablet was broken (which I'd have to pay $260 to replace).

Then on July 15 and 18, I was subjected to another round of this harassment. During this second round, I and my neighbor Mark Patterson, who'd spoken up on my behalf about the prior harassment, were both shaken down, put on indefinite cell confinement, and denied our commissary orders which our cellblock received on July 15.

We were told this treatment would continue, which was prompted by my writing published articles exposing the failure of PCF officials to protect prisoners against the spread of Covid-19 at the prison.

I sent word out to my wife, Shupavu wa Kirima, about this July harassment, who initiated a mass call-in campaign against prison officials in response. As a result of the campaign, I and my neighbor were quietly taken off cell confinement and were both delivered our commissary orders.

Then on July 21, I was met with by the now warden of PCF, D. Reagle, who authorized the replacement of my tablet at no cost to me. Reagle admitted the matter was being addressed because of the torrent of call in complaints received from outside people. I was issued a new tablet two days later.

I'd like to extend my sincere thanks to the countless supporters, friends and comrades who took part in the call-in campaign and the following organizations who also took part: Afrofuturist Abolitionists of America; Anarkatas; Autonomous Brown Berets of Oklahoma; Black is Back-Health for the Revolution; IDOC Watch; Fight Toxic Prisons; For the People chapters of Baltimore, Boston, Twin Cities, Chicago, Philly, St Louis, and San Diego; Lucy Parsons Center; Quaker Insurrection; Marilyn Buck Brigade; Third World People's Alliance; People's Revolutionary Party of Long Beach; Roanoke People's Power Network; Upsetting the Upset and others.

Thanks to you all again for your solidarity and unity in this struggle on my behalf, and the testament to people's power that the results of your support have given.

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Aug 31 2020 17:31

Call to action for Kevin "Rashid" Johnson

Might be a bit late now, but Hurricane Laura phone zap

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Sep 1 2020 13:44

Another update on Rashid's situation, which sounds quite serious:

Comrade Rashid in Imminent Danger at Pendleton Correctional Facility


Just got off of the phone with Rashid and he still has not received his property or the remainder of his life-sustaining medication. He hasn’t had all of his medication since the incident where he was forced to defend himself that occurred on 08.25.2020. This alone is enough but what has me the most concerned is that he stated there are other recent developments in his current situation that he did not feel comfortable sharing with me over the phone as the calls are heavily monitored and recorded.

He did state emphatically that at this point IDOC and the staff at Pendleton Correctional Facility are actively trying to kill him. These were his exact words. I am fearful for the safety of my comrade and partner and am asking everyone to please call and email! The prison and corrections staff must know that we are watching and there will be a serious consequence to pay should anything happen to Kevin Rashid Johnson while in their custody and care.

Officers A. Long and R. Cochoran have been central figures in the continued racist attacks against Rashid and the racially motivated STG label that was attached to him and his political party. We are asking that calls and emails be made to everyone but correspondence to Dennis Reagle (warden) and Joseph Walter’s (Interstate Compact Admin VADOC) should increase. I am including their contact information below. If you have media contacts or resources that can assist us in this fight, then I ask that you please contact me. Day or night. I don’t care the time. We must protect and fiercely defend our political prisoners.

Dare to Struggle Dare to Win!
-Shupavu wa Kirima


Charlene A. Burkett, Ombudsman

Jon Adam Ferguson, Chief Legal Officer
(317)460-6307, mobile
(317)233-8861, office

Dennis Reagle, Warden

Shannon Schott, Admin. Sec. to the Warden

Joseph Walter’s, Deputy Director VADOC
(Proxy for Harold W. Clarke, Director, Department of Corrections as of 11/2018)

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Sep 9 2020 13:22

Join the Ed Poindexter clemency campaign

Ed’s Story
In April of 1971, Edward Poindexter and Mondo we Langa, formerly David Rice, were sentenced to life in prison for the death of an Omaha police officer- a crime they did not commit. The two were targeted by law enforcement and wrongfully convicted due to their affiliation with the Black Panther Party, a civil rights and anti-fascist political group.
Nearly 50 years later, Ed is still in prison and maintains his innocence. He has earned several college degrees, taught anti-violence classes to youth, authored screenplays, and more. His last chance for freedom is to receive a commutation of sentence from the Nebraska Board of Pardons. At age 75, he is at high risk for COVID related health complications. He must receive an immediate and expedited commutation hearing from the Board.


Take Action Now
Write, email and call the Nebraska Board of Pardons. Request that they expedite Ed’s
application, schedule his hearing for the October 2020 meeting and commute his sentence.

Nebraska Board of Pardons
P.O. Box 95007
Lincoln, NE 68509
*please email a copy of your letter to

Sample Letter

Dear Pardons Board:

I am writing in regards to Edward Poindexter, #27767, who has served nearly 50 years in prison with exemplary behavior and many accomplishments. He is 75 years old and at high risk for COVID-19 related medical complications, which have been amplified by the increased COVID transmission rate among prisoners. I am therefore requesting that the Board expedite Ed’s application, schedule his hearing for the October 2020 Board meeting, and commute his sentence to length of time served.


Governor Pete Ricketts 402-471-2244
SoS Robert B. Evnen 402-471-2554
AG Doug Peterson 402-471-2683

Much more background on Ed's case here.