"I'm not a UKIP voter, but..."

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May 3 2013 18:19
"I'm not a UKIP voter, but..."

So after weeks of of the BBC bigging-up UKIP arseholes, today BBC reporters were shocked and surprised that UKIP actually won something, sort of. (Didn't something similar happened a few years back when they started promoting the BNP as a protest party, and inviting some sort of giant, pink toad onto their TV shows?)

Best line from UKIP voter on BBC news "I'm not a racist, but..." (yes, really!) followed by something about there being too many of "them". And also general stupidity (unchallenged by the BBC) that immigration was responsible for the lack of jobs at the moment (apparently they missed all the stuff in the news about some sort of financial thingy).

Anyway, best coverage I've seen so far.

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May 21 2013 12:21

Their freepost:

Sovereign Draw Lottery
Sterling Management Centre
Furness Gate
Peter Green Way
Furness Business Park
LA14 2PE

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Julien Febvre
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May 23 2013 16:18

Typical anti-immigration rhetoric: immigrants are taking our jobs.

Even from a capitalist perspective, immigration creates jobs, as there are more consumers and, hence, increase demands for goods. Also, many immigrants create their own jobs.

But for me it is neither EU neither immigration the main reason behind the rise of the UPRICK. Immigration only masks the underlying longing for the revival of British empire. Britain sees the EU as an antagonist (Britain was the biggest colonialist state on earth) and many want to reclaim back the old glories.

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May 26 2013 17:33

I think it's true that there is a hankering for the old imperial status of Britain in some quarters. But I disagree it forms the main reason for the rise of UKIP. Having said that, their voters do seem keen to "recapture" a "lost" England of unlocked doors, cricket matches on the green, innocence, etc. Not the same as status in the eyes of the world, but a load of bulls*** from the same era (supposedly).

I see and hear anti-immigration rhetoric all the time. I've been seeing people talk about how Enoch Powell was a hero, messages of "f*** off back to your desert sh**holes", etc. This has been getting more prevalent, and simultaneously, UKIP has been growing. It can't be a coincidence.

I think a large number of UKIP's voters are certainly motivated by opposition to immigration, and that the other main factor is a fear that Britain is losing its sovereignty to Europe.