John Taylor Caldwell is dead

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Jan 16 2007 17:29
John Taylor Caldwell is dead

I'm passing on this sad news from a member of the AF in Scotland


Some sad news. The last living figure of the United Socialist Movement, the group associated with Guy Aldred, John Taylor Caldwell, has died aged 95.

John was the author of Come Dungeons Dark, a biography of Aldred and two autobiographical works. All of them are superb expositions of the life of rank and file libertarian communists in the 1930s - 1960s.

John spoke at a public meeting in the John Mclean centre 4 years ago, his last outing for the movement, also attended by the late Michael McLaughlin of the AF. It was a fascinating talk.

John left his body to medical science but a ceremony will take place in Glasgow, possibly in the next couple of weeks"