Kharkiv anarchists working with Maidan, "Right Sector" not present

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Mar 23 2014 21:05
Kharkiv anarchists working with Maidan, "Right Sector" not present

Short report on the activity of the Autonomous Workers Union of Kharkiv
20 Mar 2014

translated from the original article in Russian:

By the end of February, we decided to move our activities to the inner workings Euromaidan (EM). Coordination of the Kharkiv Euromaidan was carried out by the Koordrada (Coordinating Council, KR) - a free association of all public organizations actively involved in Euromaidan. Koordrada (KR) is a horizontal structure in which all issues are resolved by consensus...95% of it consists of liberals and the moderate right and left viewpoints. No "Right Sector" (RS), nor ultra nor parliamentary parties is in Koordrada (in this respect, Kharkiv is an exception).

Currently, KR is engaged in trying to create an independent media, while it attempts to rebuild Maidan in veche (popular assemblies). Another important project for the KR is the All-Ukrainian Forum of Euromaidan (which already has an ASTshnik - Eastern - delegate from Kharkov).

After the storming of the OSA (Oblast State Administration building) [by pro-Russian elements] and events on Rimarskoy Street, the number of those who sharply and publicly separated KR from Party of Svoboda has doubled. KR printed four thousand leaflets exposing PU*.

Another direction of the KR in which anarchists take part are discussions with 'Antimaidan'...They are for the Russian language, against conflict with Russia, against Svoboda, etc. And the people who come to Antimaidan are from two sides - the Communists and pro-Russian activists. Pro-Russian sentiment exists among the masses here, but it does not prevail.

Further developments will depend on the behavior of Russian and Ukrainian troops. In the case of more or less peaceful developments, KR will perform independent grassroots building, pressuring authorities and trying to reduce their powers.

*PU - "Patriots of Ukraine" is a neo-Nazi organization, part of the Right Sector. Its representatives had a skirmish with pro-Russian right of "Oplot" on Rimarskoy Street on the night of March 16, which killed two people. "Patriots of Ukraine" was well known in Kharkiv for many years; until a few years ago, they trained with "Oplot" in the same halls, organized ethnic cleansing of "illegal migrants", engaged in explicit racketeering, representing a synthesis of OPG (organized crime) and a militarized political sect.

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Mar 27 2014 22:36

Thanks for the translation. The Kharkiv maidan movement is very interesting in the way it has developed. Do you know if any other cities have succeeded in separating the maidan movement from the far-right?

Also, is the horizontal structure of Koordrada unique to Kharkiv or is this model more widespread?