Mexico: Oaxaca Libre censored

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David in Atlanta
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Jul 11 2007 03:37
Mexico: Oaxaca Libre censored

Over the past few months I'd come to rely on for non-sectarian, frequently libertarian leaning news and opinion from the assemblies and barricades of Oaxaca. They've published important essays arguing against electoralism as a strategy, interviews with grass roots militants from anarchist collectives, classic reprints from Ricardo Flores Magon, the Oaxaca born anarchist important in the early years of the Mexican Revolution of 1910, press releases from prisoner support workers, as well as sometimes minute by minute breaking news from the mass marches and street fights .

This morning I checked for updates and found this:

Su sitio se encuentra suspendido por actividades no permitidas según lo estipulado en nuestros términos y condiciones.

Well, I thought, I quess an apologetically radical voice violates the terms and conditions of the isp.
They now have a new front page
informing the "friends comrades and brothers" who've looked for the site that they are under attack again (they lost the site several months ago due to legal pressures) .