peace between ethnic groups in Ghana

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Dec 19 2006 17:38
peace between ethnic groups in Ghana

seems impressive:

BBC: Ghana appears united for jubilee

"Initially, I had all sorts of ideas about other people, and they too were equally suspicious of me," he says.

"But within a matter of weeks of sharing a dormitory, we had discovered that we were all the same."

Nearly 40 years on, his pre-pubescent epiphany still holds. Now a historian at the University of Ghana, Baku cites Ghana's predominantly boarding school system as "a key social leveller".

Melting pot

And Baku does not speak alone. As Ghana celebrates 50 years of independence, its secondary boarding schools are the single most cited reason for the country's escape from the ethnic tensions which have brought many African countries to bloody ruin.

The system puts children from the country's 70-odd ethnic groups into one pot and stirs them up to melt.

"We made friends without first asking which tribe you were from; it was totally irrelevant," recalls John Mahama, a frontbench MP for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Would this system work as well if 98.5% of Ghanans weren't of 1 race? [1] Anyone know of other similar examples?

1. Ethinic Groups (CIA World Factbook):
African 98.5% (includes Akan 44%, Moshi-Dagomba 16%, Ewe 13%, Ga 8%, Gurma 3%, Yoruba 1%), European and other 1.5% (1998)

English (official), African languages (including Akan, Moshi-Dagomba, Ewe, and Ga)

Christian 63%, Muslim 16%, indigenous beliefs 21%