Police - my first arrest as the victim - yes the victim

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Mr Happy
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Dec 8 2010 03:20
Police - my first arrest as the victim - yes the victim

Hi, I am new at this but nice some sensible help.

I had temporarily moved back to my mother's house to assist her with house repairs, medical issues, etc. One night I came home after 4 drinks. You see earlier I had spent most of the day sorting out mums house insurance issues and popped out about 12am to play some pool and get some advice.

I came back home at 2:45am I was cooking some food in the kitchen and my brother came in the kitchen. I politely mentioned that I noticed mum cries a lot, and that he must not keep upsetting her [I spotted my mum crying whenever my bother has spoken to her]. My brother hit me on the left side of the head with the porcelain mug held in his right hand. In doing so, he cut the top of his own index finger quite deep.

In his panic he then called the police and made me out to be the attacker. I now know I was suffering with a cut to the head, feeling dazed, and a concussion. My mother was woken and was in a panic. I was so concerned for her well being that I requested a family member who we both trusted to come to the house.

I opened the door to an angry female officer was asked me for my name which i gave. She told me to wait outside the house and I did. I asked another male officer to identify himself and he wouldn't. The female officer then said she would give me her name if i gave mine. I gave my name again to her, address, DOB, and what I had to drink, but I did not want to give her my telephone number. She then got aggressive and told me that she would get it from the station. I was feeling very ill and faint, and worried by the female officers behavior that I rang my family member with great concern and that I was feeling more faint.

The female officer came back up to me and didn't read out my rights correctly. She said she was arresting me under section 21. I asked her to define it, and she said assault. I offered my hands which angered her even more, and after parading me around the street she shoved me into a police car. Due to the tight restraining of my wrists and the swelling of my head and inner ear issues i became panicked and upset. The female told me to shut up twice with her finger in my face.

At the Police station I was mocked by her and 2 male officers, but I held it together. The female officer then realized my head was bleeding onto my hand, and the whole mood changed.

I did not ask for the PACE codes because I didn't know about them as I have never been arrested before. I was not offered the PACE codes at any time.

My questions are:

1) Was this experience normal?
2) I had a head injury and my brother had a cut on his finger, how come I was arrested?
3) I cooperated but she didn't ask me about what happened - is this normal?
4) I later found out the reason for arrested me was "for effective investigation" - is this normal?
5) Are the police required to offer me the PACE codes even if i did ask for it or know about it?

Any help would help me deal with experience which was traumatic as I spent 9 hours in custody when I was the victim.