Protest Against Former UK T&G Morris at the ITF in Capetown, SA For

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Aug 27 2006 18:08
Protest Against Former UK T&G Morris at the ITF in Capetown, SA For

Morris Snubbed at the ITF

Terry Teague
21 Aug 2006

In an amazing and unprecedented protest dockworkers from around the world
carried out a mass walkout at the International Transport Federations (ITF)
Gold Medal Awards Ceremony held in Durban South Africa. August 2nd to
August 9th.

The walkout was aimed at Sir Bill Morris former leader of the Transport
and General Workers Union (Britain's second largest union) who was
receiving his award for services to the ITF. The snub took place on the
last day of the Congress August 9th. It was carried out in protest at the
way he SOLD-OUT 500 Liverpool Dockworkers during their long and courageous
dispute (Sept 1995 to Feb 1998) and witnessed by 1190 delegates
representing members from 387 international trade unions who were attending
the 41st ITF Congress.

The protest was led by the International Longshore and Warehouse Union
(ILWU) and the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) who in spite of efforts
from the attending TGWU delegation to stop the action successfully managed
a dignified and orderly walkout the moment Morris arrived at the rostrum.
The walkout was also supported by many of the European Dockworker Unions
and lasted until Mr Morris had left the building.

Morris who was attending the ceremony with his wife was so shocked with
the demonstration that he scrapped his pre-scripted speech of acceptance
and on receiving his medal immediately left the conference

Other receivers of the Gold Medal included Dave Morgan President of the
New Zealand Seafarers Union. Dave like the ILWU, MUA and the European
Unions was great supporter of the Liverpool struggle and firmly believes in
the true meaning of International Solidarity.

Terry Teague

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Maritime Union of Australia (MUA)

Ha ha. I love the MUA. Busting them has been a top priority of our government for ages.

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that is cool