SeaSol demand delivery video May 2010

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May 8 2010 19:15
SeaSol demand delivery video May 2010

Demand delivery action by the Seattle Solidarity Network. We are supporting Maria as she tells her ex-landlord to give her back her stolen deposit and to stop harassing her with bogus bills.

Seattle Solidarity Network is a mutual support group that fights against injustices caused by employers or landlords - such as stolen deposits, unpaid wages, unfair rent increases, or racial discrimination.

Maria moved out of her apartment in West Seattle on 3/31 after living
there about three years. Her apartment and possibly the entire
building has dangerous levels of mold. She spoke with her property
manager multiple times asking to have it checked out and removed and
was ignored.

Tired of living in unsafe conditions, she gave 15-days notice and
moved out on 3/31. Two weeks after moving out, Maria received a bill
out of the blue for $1,500 stating "3 day pay or vacate" billing her
for April's rent ($800) and a strange laundry list of undocumented
utility charges ($697.75) she had never seen and certainly does not

Maria's landlord is clearly retaliating for Maria's mold complaints
and trying to intimidate her into paying money she doesn't owe. To add
insult to injury, they still haven't returned her $500 deposit. At
this action, Maria will be rightfully demanding that they return her
deposit and stop harassing her with unwarranted bills. Let's join
Maria and send this abusive landlord a message that they cannot get
away with treating their tenants this way!

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May 8 2010 20:49

That is so fucking awesome! Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work!

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May 8 2010 20:49

that's a pretty large turnout for a 3-minute action of watching a letter being handed over! How many people are involved in SeaSol?

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May 8 2010 21:45

It's hard to say. 8-15 people usually come to the weekly meetings, 20-30 to an average action, and we have an email list with about 300 people on it, of which around perhaps 80 come out at least once in a while.

Of course the point getting 30 people to come to a simple letter delivery is to show the landlords we have the strength of numbers and are willing to use it.

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May 8 2010 22:46

Nice one 888, let us know how it pans out.

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May 9 2010 01:06

Three cheers comrades!

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Jun 22 2010 17:35

from Seattle Solidarity Network

Yes, its true, SeaSol and Maria have triumphed over the villainous Nelson Properties!

Today Maria and some other folks went down to Nelson properties and collected a check for the amount of Maria's deposit ($500) and a signed document stating that Nelson would drop the bogus additional charges and extra fees they were trying to extract from Maria. This all came after SeaSol delivered a demand letter, postered like crazy around many Nelson properties that were for rent, began conduction a tenants rights investigation in several Nelson owned apartment buildings, and went door to door leaving letters in Michael Nelson's neighborhood explaining the terrible actions and practices of Nelson properties. This past weekend Nelson himself called SeaSol and informed us he was giving in to our demands!

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Jun 22 2010 18:50

Brilliant news! Always nice to hear of a landlord squirming..