Selfridges ironyothon

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Mar 28 2006 18:44
Selfridges ironyothon

This is pretty trivial but.. I just read a piece in timeout, about the punk thing selfridges of oxford street are having at the moment (it could have been and gone i admit i dont know), Ive cut and pasted a couple of bits..

‘Selfridges is a wonderful store,’ he says, ‘but this festival is slightly absurd. Any self-respecting punk would have lobbed a brick through a Selfridges window 30 years ago'

’FuturePunk sees them focus activity around the ‘Ultra Lounge’, a secluded area in the basement. Alannah Weston, creative director of Selfridges & Co, describes this as ‘getting more bang for your buck’, a way of intensifying the themed nature of the event. In June, this same area (it’s on your right as you go down the escalator) will be transformed into a ‘World Cup Lounge’, with big screens'

'Weston – who, it’s worth pointing out, is daughter of Galen Weston, the Canadian billionaire who bought Selfridges in 2003 – says that the Ultra Lounge is loosely based on a space at the ’70s fashion boutique Biba called The Rainbow Room, more recently occupied by Barkers on Kensington High Street'

The article is at

If your interested. I never fail to be amazed. And by the way, didnt something happen to biba involving a brigade of angry people "getting more bang for your buck".

They certainly had a way of "intensifying the themed nature of the event" back then...