Slovenia can join EU w/pogroms, Turkey can't cause cause

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Nov 27 2006 21:46
Slovenia can join EU w/pogroms, Turkey can't cause cause

the EU spends all that time and energy whining about Turkey[1] and how it's "Turkey's last chance, or NO EU membership..." meanwhile non-Muslim/whitey white Slovenia gets to join [2], even though anti-Roma pogroms are actually happening there!

Violence and persecution follow the Roma across Europe

Ian Traynor in Ambrus, Slovenia
Monday November 27, 2006
Guardian Unlimited,,1958371,00.html

Miha Strojan was tending to his sick mother when the mob arrived. Wielding clubs, guns and chainsaws, several hundred villagers converged on the cottage in a clearing in the beech forest with a simple demand. "Zig raus [Gyppos out]," they called in German, deliberately echoing Nazi racist chants. "Bomb the Gypsies."

It was the last Saturday of last month, when the mob terrorised the extended family of more than 30 Roma, half of them children, into fleeing their clearing a mile over the hill from the farming village of Ambrus in eastern Slovenia


If the expulsion of the Strojans, living in Ambrus for decades and owners of the place they were living in for 12 years, was a trauma for the family, it was also an increasingly routine example of the epidemic of forced evictions of Roma settlements across the European Union, particularly in central and eastern Europe where the Roma are concentrated.


1. Turkey trip a test of faiths
The Financial Times, Nov. 27, 2006
By Tony Barber in Rome

"With Turkey's EU membership negotiations hanging by a thread, and with persistent tensions over Islam's presence in Europe, this week's visit will require all the diplomatic tact of which Benedict is capable."

Turkey given month to rescue EU bid
The Financial Times, Nov. 9, 2006
By Daniel Dombey andGeorge Parker in Brussels and Vincent,Boland in Ankara

"Yesterday's Commission report highlighted the issue that could bring the negotiations to a halt - the country's refusal to open up its ports to vessels from Cyprus, which is an EU member but which does not have diplomatic ties with Ankara."

European report criticises Turkey human rights record
Nicholas Watt in Brussels
Wednesday November 8, 2006
Guardian Unlimited,,1942484,00.html

Turkey was today strongly criticised by the European commission for undermining its EU membership talks by slowing the pace of reform on human rights, and for failing to open up its ports and airports to Greek Cypriots.

2. EU member countries: