Statement by Cuban anarchists on announcement of normalizing relations with the US

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Dec 20 2014 23:29
Statement by Cuban anarchists on announcement of normalizing relations with the US

Just got this from a comrade anarchist:
Preliminary translation of a statement by Cuban anarchists on the recent announcement of normalizing relations with the US.

TALLER LIBERTARIO ALFREDO LOPEZ'S STAND ---- Regarding the release of prisoners and the
re-establishment of diplomatic relations between the Cuba and USA governments. ----

The"normalization" of diplomatic relations between the governments of the USA and Cuba
should help eliminate many antiquated impediments imposed by these very same governments
upon basic human bonds in both countries. ----

2. We celebrate, together with those freed
from the prisons and their families who have just received their love ones at home, free
-at last!- after many years of "legal" incarceration. ----

3. Nevertheless, we do not know
the terms of these negotiations. It has been done for effect and fosters a miracle
mentality leaving us as passive spectators. ----

4. We are also worried about new
opportunities emerging for more and improved capitalist exploitation of our people.

5. Which will increase submission, insignificance and misery by way of more consumerism,
more ecological depredation and more mass culture; and it's because...

6. North American imperalism still stands.

7. Cuban authoritarianism still stands.

8. The Guantanamo naval base has not been dismantled and continues to house an
international prison complete with torture center.

9. Therefore, it is not enough to release a group of prisoners, closing a particularly
hideous prison would not be enough, all prisons all over the world must close.

10. Neither is it enough for the governments to end their "cold war" and come to agree on
a number of points: true reconciliation among the people will come when there are no more

11. Even less by unblocking the markets so that the owners of the means of exploitation of
other people's labor and of nature be able to commerce among themselves.

12. Therefore we hope that, now that the possibility of the end of the embargo floats on
the horizon, this will not be worked out just by the executive powers alone but that every
Cuban and every US citizen participate willingly.

We will keep up our struggle against all domination: ecological, anti-imperialist,
anti-capitalist and anti-authoritarian struggle, in solidarity with our
comrades all over the world.

Liberty without socialism is privilege and injustice; socialism without liberty is
brutality and tyranny.

Havana, December 19, 2014

fb. Adam Welch
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