US defense procurement, EADS and the CGT

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US defense procurement, EADS and the CGT

I came across this reference to the CGT in an article on US security policy

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With the large-scale entry of the European Aeronautic, Defense and Space (EADS) consortium into the U.S. market, DoD is finding itself in a procurement Catch-22 that would have even Joseph Heller, the creator of the phrase, in awe.

The catch in this case holds that even though DoD personnel are sworn to protect our country, they must award contracts regardless of the political actions of companies from what the Defense Acquisition Guidebook calls “friendly foreign countries.” Though it seems crazy to buy products from a company such as EADS whose owners, executives, and workers politically undermine American defense and foreign policy, this catch makes it not only rational but legally binding.


EADS CASA workers in Spain: On the wrong side. In Spain, where the EADS CASA division manufactures a variant of the CN-235 for the Coast Guard’s Deepwater program, the aircraft workers are even more militant than the Germans.

The EADS CASA’s main union, the General Confederation of Workers (CGT), is virulently opposed to the war on terror, to the United States, and to the NATO alliance. Its red-and-black anarcho-Marxist flag indicates an alliance of two forms of extremism, and its official Rojo y Negro (Red and Black) newsletter shows a militancy seldom seen any more in industrialized democracies.

• Stirring up extremism in Mexico. The CGT appears to back any radical movement in Mexico that opposes the Mexican government and the United States. The union openly supports both anarchist and communist causes in Mexico that seek to destabilize the southern border of the U.S. The union has its own “CGT Solidarity with Chiapas” committee to back the Marxist Zapatista guerrillas in the south of Mexico,[15] and publishes communiqués by the Clandestine Revolutionary Committee Indigenous Command of the Emiliano Zapata National Liberation Front (EZLN).[16]

• Globalizing Latin American protests against the United States. The CGT promotes the international networking of protests against the President of the United States. Last month the CGT spread anti-Bush propaganda to incite opposition to the American president’s South America visit as it denounced American “plans of imperialism for the region.” [17]

• Militantly anti-NATO. The CGT is steadfastly opposed to the NATO alliance – not simply to alliance policies, but to the very existence of the collective security system itself. In February, the CGT held a major anti-NATO protest in Seville at the EADS CASA manufacturing hub where the company expects most of the future Pentagon work to take place. The demonstration coincided at the NATO leaders’ summit, with the CGT denouncing the alliance as the “global armed wing of the capitalist powers and their multinationals.”[18]