"Vagaries of the Left", Zerzan response to Hedges "Cancer in Occupy" article

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Mar 10 2012 17:11
"Vagaries of the Left", Zerzan response to Hedges "Cancer in Occupy" article

Transcribed from Zerzan's radio show this week at: http://pastebin.com/g99WwhFj

some quotes:

"Hedges's screed against anarchists and others who "go too far" shows just what anti-authoritarians have been up against. And why so few of them, in my experience, have been interested in Occupy. Hedges basically counsels that if everyone behaves in Occupy we'll continue to succeed. Obviously exaggerating the potency of the movement so far. He represents voting, property, respecting, obeying the rules of the game unless he's talking about somewhere else. He has lauded rioting and resistance in Greece, for example. His cancer essay is full of gaffes and bloopers. For example that I am a big voice of Black Bloc, anarchists are full of a repellent cynicism, etc."

"A few days after his Cancer piece appeared and a furor ensued, Hedges gave an interview to try to calm the waters. Here he admitted that it is anti-civilization more than Black Bloc that really set him off. As well it should. The left has reason to fear that which means its definitive end. This should come as no big surprise given Hedges' progressive orientation. Just as it shouldn't be a big jolt to know that Noam Chomsky is similarly exercised by those who question such primary institutions as domestication, civilization, industrialism and mass society, which are fast leading to disaster in every sphere at every level. And now neither it should be big news that Derrick Jensen is more and more part of the left and its basic acquiescence in this nightmare we live in."