White supremacists in Duluth

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Mar 5 2012 04:22
White supremacists in Duluth

Thought I'd post this, as it its been a hot topic here. I didn;t end up going to Duluth, but a bunch of comrades did and I kept a close eye on the coverage and what happened

In Duluth, Minnesota (a majority white city) there has been some controversy lately about the 'Un-fair Campaign', a series of billboards urging white people to be aware of racism. The controversy led to a white power group organized through Stormfront called the Supreme White Alliance to announce they were having a rally in the city. This led to a number of counter rallies and responses being organized around the State.

There were two counterprotests, one that was organized with the intent to 'ignore' the fascists with potlucks and speeches on the other side of the city, and one that aimed to directly confront them. Around 8 fascists showed up and were quickly surrounded. There were some scuffles and a bunch of snowballs thrown. They never were able to give speeches and eventually the police escorted them inside and the whole event dispersed. 4 people were arrested, including one Wob.

Picture of the group

Mainstream media coverage (with video):
More pictures of the group:

This is the most recent attempt by fascists to gain a foothold in the state evidently. A couple years ago, they held a rally at a YMCA here in Minneapolis but got ran out pretty quickly. Supposably, people were walking across the street to a farmer's market to purchuse tomatos and assorted vegetables to throw at them.

And then, also, ARA had a series of conflicts with neo-nazi skinheads here in Minneapolis during the 80s which resulted in the nazis pretty much being beat out of town is my understanding.