(un)settler network

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Dec 9 2007 17:14
(un)settler network

Network Creation Possibility?

I am very curious to know how many people would be interested in starting an (un)settler network, that can share and learn collectively, but also meets up for workshops.

I can see it being something to strive for. At least I can see it working in territory claimed by the Canadian state.

I was thinking do outreach with a plan for a conference in Vancouver in 2010 one week before the Olympics are converged on. With lead up regional get togethers in 2009 in places like Edmonton, Winnipeg, Montreal before then.

One of the aims being producing a 1-3 time magazine on (un)settling modeled in between Redwire magazine and upping the anti, and maintaining a web resource for people doing ally work with Indigenous peoples. I really like the art aspect of Redwire and its uncensored nature, while i also think adding theory like upping the Anti would be called for.

What I was thinking was one issue on why unsettle?
Another on how to unsettle?
and the last one on what becomes of the settler and the Identities changed in the process?

what ya all think?


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