Anyone want to be be a local contact for an anti-g8 network?

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Dec 27 2003 21:17
Anyone want to be be a local contact for an anti-g8 network?

A network of groups has just been set up to prepare resistance to the G8 when they come to the UK in 2005. Would your group like to be a local contact? We aim to cover the whole of these islands by Summer 2005, with public meetings, roadshows and actions happening everywhere.

A gathering in Nottingham in November decided on the name "Dissent! a network of resistance against the G8"; working groups have been set up to cover issues such as publicity, roadshows, meeting logistics, etc. The basic principles of the Dissent! network are autonomy, co-operation and de-centralisation. The next gathering will be in Brighton in late Feb.

If you want your group to be listed as an info-point then please contact the newsletter working group (; this would mean that you're prepared to be a point of contact for people in your area who want to be involved.

If you want the minutes of the nottingham gathering or if you want to be included on the general ResistG8 e-mail list the get in touch with me or the newsletter group.

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Feb 12 2004 14:17

'Why Don't You?', a group in Newcastle, is happy to be a contact point for the Dissent! network. Our email is and we share the PO Box 1TA NE99 1TA address.

We meet every week at the moment, and the next thing we're involved in is 'Leapday!' which Act Locally describes below:

( If you can't join up with our stuff, do your own in your own place in your own way )


The world we live in is one where the powerful encourage feelings of isolation, helplessness and passivity in us all. They want everyone to individually conclude that nothing very big or important can change – that the big things have to be the way they are and have always been that way.

They love cynicism, resignation and isolation. On Sunday 29th February people in Newcastle will attempt to challenge that, by giving life to our hopes, dreams and collective ability.

A group of people got together to share ideas of what they’d like to do on Leap-day. These ideas included everything from subvertising and agit-cropping to sticking letters to your bike tyres that spell a word when you ride thru puddles. Some suggested getting people in your street to make collective decisions instead of leaving it to the government while others want to place arrows pointing us to where CCTV cameras are.

If you’d like to take part in producing a free paper to distribute on the day, donating items to a ‘free shop’, or joining in a picnic and leap-frogging down Northumberland street, come along on Tuesdays at 7.30 at Healthy City Project or contact

“Celebrate leap day and everyday with a leap of participation and change.”

Sunday 29th February is the first ‘chat to someone at a bus-stop day’, followed by 1st March, 2nd March and so on!

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Feb 18 2004 14:51

Just to let you know that the minutes of the last Dissent! gathering are now up on the anti-G8 section of these boards. If you still want to be a loca contact, remember to get in touch! The appropriate address will be in the minutes.