Moderator required for this forum!

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Jacques Roux
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Apr 21 2005 18:43
Moderator required for this forum!

We are currently looking for people to moderate regional forums, you would be given increased privileges to the forum, including the powers to delete / edit / move threads.

Duties would include:

* Pruning forums (deleting out of date threads etc.)

* Promoting use of the forum

* Encouraging debate about local issues (posting up local stories etc.)

* Deleting troll posts

* Making sure arguements / abuse dont get out of hand etc.

We are looking for people local to their area to moderate local forums. Obviously any abuse of power could be reported and will be dealt with by the community at large and the admins.

If you think you are up for it, please PM an admin, or email us via our contact page (link at top)