Anti-G8 Extravoganzamania!!

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Jun 12 2005 11:13
Anti-G8 Extravoganzamania!!

Liverpool Social Forum presents a benefit gig with 4 top local bands, at Hannah's Bar, Hardman St on Friday 17th June, from 8.30pm. £4 / £3 on the door. Proceeds go towards transport costs for getting groups from Liverpool up to Scotland for the G8.

Liverpool Social Forum presents 4 top threats to national security:

- FOE (Freedom of Expression) "repeated offences - making young people dance all night"

- The Brittle Machine "local kids gone bad, hip-hop may be to blame"

- Mamadou "dangerous drumming organisation, international connections"

- and special rock treat: 20,000 BC "an anti-social disregard for the rules"

plus: DJ Drunken Master ("under the influence of something")

Find out more about getting up to Scotland to protest the G8 or just come to give your support people from Liverpool who are going!


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