Lost and Found Autonomous Social Centre

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Sep 21 2006 13:19
Lost and Found Autonomous Social Centre

Lost and Found Social Centre will be a free space for people that feel lost in this capitalist, hierarchal, oppressive society in which we live. To find others that feel the same and to create a positive space, free from discrimination, where we can socialise, express our creativity, learn from each other and share ideas and experiences. We want to create a space that is free from the constraints and restraints of the system where we work together to create something beautiful.

We will find a lost and derelict building and turn it into a hub of creativity and activity for 16 days: from 11th October to 27th October (From 11th to 14th the space will also be used for the first Manchester Temporary Autonomous Arts Exhibition).

We will be open every day out of these 16 except for monday 16th and tuesday 17th where we can all just relax and tidy up the space and artists that want to can take stuff away after the TAA (though please keep stuff there if you can!)

We want to find:
artists, musicians, performers, filmmakers, plumbers, electricians, vegan chefs, washer up-ers, people to sleep over, flyerers, decorators, skill sharers, entertainers, computer geeks, carpenters, grafters...and people to come to hang out and help out..

If you want to get involved please email your availability and the skills you can offer as soon as possible.

We are currently trying to find groups and individuals that would like to put on workshops and events. A group is welcome to charge door entry donation fee and keep the money for their campaign. If you would like to put on an event, workshop, skillshare or exhibit some art in the space please let us know what it is and when you'd like to do it.

We are going to make a timetable of events and advertise it before we open so that people can get it in their diaries! So please get in touch by 1st October.

If you have stuff to decorate the space please also get in touch. For example if you find nice lamps, rugs, timber, chairs, tables, kitchen stuff, cushions, throws etc.

to get involved email