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Dec 25 2004 12:43
NCADC Manchester 15th Jan

National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns (NCADC) North West

invites you to

2005 Solidarity & Planning gathering

Saturday 15th January 2005 - 10.30 am - Central Methodist Hall, Oldham Street, Manchester

Morning : anti-deportation campaigning.

Afternoon : planning April 2nd EU Day of Action & other events

*** Plan major 2005 events in the North West

*** Share skills & experience between individual anti-deportation campaigns in the North West

*** Workshop 1 - "What is a public Anti-Deportation Campaign ?"

*** Workshop 2 - Planning the North West's actions on April 2nd European Day of Action

*** Video - The Great Manchester Anti-Deportation Campaigns of the 70's and 80's

*** Meet groups who are opposed to unjust immigration policies who may be able to support you

This will be a relaxed gathering with particular emphasis on campaigns sharing experience, skills and resources. We have seen how a journalist facing deportation who wrote about Honour Killings in Pakistan, is helping a local woman who would face Honour Killing in Pakistan is helping her with campaign materials and getting article published. A Ugandan woman who has recently started campaigning has breathed new life into a Cameroon woman's campaign, who had been loosing energy after campaigning for so long. Levenshulme & Longsight Anti-Deportation campaign continues to bring local campaigns together. We want to help promote as much co-operation between campaigns as possible - "clusters" of mutual support and strength. For those not facing deportation, this is an opportunity to promote any group you belong to - tables for leaflets will be available. There will be time for chatting to others, and have some fun. Let's all join together to make to makes successful campaigns in 2005 and make 2nd April huge !

2nd April 2005 European-wide Day of Action

Called at the European Social Forum. The Call of the Assembly of Social Movement - "We stand against racism and Fortress Europe and for the rights of migrants and asylum seekers; for freedom of movement; for citizenship of residence and the closing of detention centres. We oppose deportation of migrants. We propose a day of action on 2 April 2005, against racism, for freedom of movement and for the right to stay as an alternative to a Europe based on exclusion and exploitation." Groups we know of so far in the North West who want to join forces for this event Š National Union of Journalists, Mansoor Hassan Campaign, NCADC North West, Manchester Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers, Manchester No Borders, Manchester No One Is Illegal - we hope others will join us.


10.30 Coffee & registration / travel reimbursement

11.00 Introductions of each campaign / individual

12.00 Speakers, poem and a song !

12.30 Lunch

1.30 Video

2.00 2nd April and other 2005 major events planning

3.00 Break

3.30 Workshop 1 - "What is an Anti-Deportation Campaign ?"

3.30 Workshop 2 - Planning 2nd April European Day of Action

5.00 close

Who should attend

Those who won their campaigns - we need your experience ! Those facing deportation who have campaigns - we want to share with you ! Those facing deportation who are considering starting a campaign - we want to support you ! Community groups and groups opposed to unjust immigration policies - we need your support ! Please bring any of your group's / campaign's banners - we want to decorate the hall !

Available during the day

*** Food (vegetarian & Halal catered for) *** Drinks (no alcohol) *** Child-care *** Disabled access *** Tables for displaying your group's / campaign's literature / petitions *** Table for any unwanted Christmas gifts & non-perishable foods you could bring !

Central Methodist Hall - Oldham Street, Manchester, M1 1JQ (0161 236 5194). 5 mins walk from Piccadilly main train station. Map -

Help with travel

We do not have an official budget for this gathering but we will help as far as possible with travel arrangements and costs for those facing deportation. All bus fares from within Greater Manchester will be reimbursed. From outside Greater Manchester area - please contact the person below nearest you - they will endeavour to organise a place in a shared car for you.

Sheffield : Bernie Murphy - 07946 536681 (Manchester CDAS)

Leeds : John Ward - 07766 745635 (Leeds Stop The War)

Wigan : Lynne Calvert - 07939 812771 (Wigan Welcome)

Liverpool : Margaret McAdam - 07974 309677 (???)

Greater Manchester, general help / queries / directions -

Bernie Murphy - 07946 536681 (Manchester CDAS)

Please let us know if you can attend so we can plan catering, seating, child-care, etc.

Contact : Emma Ginn (NCADC) - 0161 740 6504 /

Please take a copy of this invitation and pass on to Š

*** Any organisation who may join in 2nd April European Day of Action / other events

*** Anyone facing deportation

Thanks ! and Look forward to seeing you 15th Jan !

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Dec 25 2004 16:58

don't know if it mentioned it but there looking for (good quality) xmas presents so bring them along.

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will cat nip do?

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beanis- behave yourself or no pudding!

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fuck you! i'll eat all the pudding i want!

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you're such an circle Anarcist beanis roll eyes

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cos its tommorrow

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Jan 18 2005 16:37

was about 200 people there, about half refugees. The how to set up a public anti-deportation campaign workshop was good, and there's palns to arrange a demonstration for the european day of action on the 2nd april. Was some disagreement as to whether it should focus on people facing deportation or union representatives/UAF/have the lord mayor wave a little hankey and tell everone he'll change if they all come back to labour. There's a meeting to plan for the day of action this wednesday at 7:30pm at the friends meeting house.