Police Ban for the Mancs M&S picketers

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Dec 14 2004 17:21

i guess there are tensions between the RCG and the palestine solidarity group, but it's still fucked up that people don't give support in a situation like this.

For me it was simple: i don't think much of RCG, but they were under attack, so i gave a hand.

About the boycott campaign: it's a tactic, and like any other tactic has its moments and situations where it works and where it doesn't. Boycotting Israeli goods could work if it was widespread enough, but of course it would not make all the difference, but no doubt would help putting on pressure on the state of Israel - much like the boycott campaigns against south africa were not the biggest factor, but helped loads the main workers driven movement.

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Dec 14 2004 17:39
spike wrote:
but knightrose, its not really about the boycott IMHO, its about the right to protest.

i think the turnout on saturday was pathetic, only a couple of anarchists and none of the trots, the rest seemed to be part of the picket and there was only about 20people.

even the people who were doing the later palestine demo didn tbother to show up.

The SWP tacitly refused to help for various reasons and I'm not sure what the PSC has against it, but I'll ask them about it.

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Dec 14 2004 19:01

far as i know the PSC don't support the picket because they either see it as or perceive it as being seen as by others, anti-jewish and so racist in itself.

could be wrong.

i do think its hard for some people involved in the picket who maybe would like to change tactics. It is undeniable that the police are using them as scapegoats and regardless of what people think of culpabilty, attention seeking or even the politics of boycotts, the fact is this situation now exists and we have to think about what we are doing in the face of increasing police/city council/business repression.

when they've successfully cleaned the m and s picket of the street, do you think they will stop the next time some group gets in the way and business interests are involved?

what happens if "we" next decide to freeze our arses off outside macdonalds for months? (not that i would cause i like a little lateral thinking, cause protest gets boring ) but someone might, and then this precedent will be used against them.

the SWP never helped. The only people I saw turn up on the picket were the two BNP/arse licking Galloway students! I should have known they were odd as the SWP pretty much think the same as the PSC.

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Dec 15 2004 15:52

I realise it's about the right to protest. I was just suggesting a different thread ...

Even though it's about protest, I still find it hard to want to support the RCG. I've been along to M&S a couple of times when they seemed under threat and felt like I was in danger of being used by them to support a set of politics which I dislike intensely. The left have never been friends of anarchists!

To put it bluntly, I see the RCG as just as much part of the problem as the government or the Tories. In any event, I had other priorities on Saturday - Gmex being one of them.

However, I take the point about what happens next. Probably a campaign which explicitly tackles the right to protest, with publicity written by those involved.? But for my case it'll have to wait till the shopping fest is over ....

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Dec 18 2004 13:21

i started the boycott thread in the beginners thought section

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Dec 21 2004 15:45

i read that as 'i've started boycotting threads in the beginners though section'. So i reckon i'll slap an asbo on you, ban you from going there on saturdays

However, I take the point about what happens next. Probably a campaign which explicitly tackles the right to protest, with publicity written by those involved.? But for my case it'll have to wait till the shopping fest is over ....

not sure about this, have seen the RCG giving out leaflets and saying defend the right to give out leaflets roll eyes Can end up becoming wonderfully/horribley self-refrential. And don't think most people care whether people are getting banned from handing out stuff on market st, especially considering the aggressive and unpleasant nature some of the RCG go about doing stuff- shouting fascist at some one cos they won't take a leaflet roll eyes

Reckon if there was going to be a right to protest thing it would be better as wider civil liberties campaign, dealing with stuff like ID or asbo's not just something cosigned to the city centre.